Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's Party!

The girls are all dressed up in their finest. (This year, I let everybody choose their own dress!) And just before the annual Black Tie ball downstairs in the living room high atop the piano, they decided to make a trip to the photo booth. Here are a few of the standouts...

But mind you...that party is pretty popular. There is limited space, so some of my dolls are obliged to spend the evening upstairs with me. But don't you think that has ever stopped them. HA! 

Word on the street is that all my dolls (except the playline Barbies in the guest room) are at THAT party!!! That had me wondering. How do my dolls make it off my dresser, down the stairs and up on top of the piano!!!! So this year, I planted hidden cameras to see just what happens after I close my eyes for the night!!!....... The results are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

 Never knew my dolls were so athletic!
 And look! They're doing this in heels and gowns!!!
 Oh my. Oh my!!!

 One of the ringleaders???!!!
 OMG! LOOK! They've made it across the living room all the way to the piano!!!

 Ouf!!! They finally made it and are taking their places!!!

Ready set, PARTY!!!!!


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Paris Christmas

 In Paris, Christmas is all about the fanciful lights, playful displays often incorporating toys, cartoon characters and the like... all the things designed to bring out the children in all of us! As such, I chose our intern, Conner (a Little Darlings doll all the way from Dolltown) to lead us on this magical tour.
Our journey begins on the Champs Elysees. This world's famous avenue is lined in twinkling ruby lights.
Off to the side on the Avenue Montaigne (high fashion district), it is a winter wonderland where the trees are etched with tiny LED lights right down to the smallest of branches! It is magical!
Not far away....there is Place Vendome, the high fashion jewelry district. Decorations here are elegant. Each boutique has a tree lit up in white lights. In the center of the square...taller, perfectly symmetrical trees adding to grace of the environment.
We keep walking towards the opera. Behind it are the department stores where all of the magic begins. In front of Galeries Lafayette store, all of the trees are delicately etched in more tiny white lights.
But further down the street, the lights get very colorful...a prelude of things to come (in the windows of Au Printemps department store!
Au Printemps department store has gone to the birds!
They are busy cooking up a storm for the holidays!
The parrots dance. They twerk!!!
They get into the beauty products and spruce themselves up!
They are some of the most stylish birds of the season!!!
You can count on their friends to provide the entertainment!

Down the street, however....at Galeries Lafayette....it's all about the bees!!!
These are very busy bees....busy at work to get all of those holiday presents made!

Why, there's even a queen bee on hand to make sure all goes well!
Meanwhile....inside the store, there is a gigantic Christmas tree with huge ornaments. 

Across town, there is BHV-Marais department store. Their theme: A Strasbourg Christmas. Strasbourg is the Christmas capital of France. It is known for its Christmas villages complete with small chalets and "Made in France" artisanal goods from the region! This year, the windows of BHV pay homage to this part of France! 

Another attraction in town for the Christmas Holidays, "Festival of Lights: An Illuminated Ocean" at the Jardin des Plantes (the botanical gardens of Paris). Working in conjunction with artisans from the annual Chinese light exhibition, the garden is lined with what appears to be silk on wire-frame sculptures in the daylight. In the daylight, they are bright with plenty of detail and movement.... almost what you would expect in a Carnival float!

But at night....when its dark..... and they turn on the lights embedded within each piece.... it is a magical experience. With its theme based on underwater flora and fauna, visitors stroll through these illuminated paths  while experiencing the sensation of being deep below the surface of the ocean.
The lightning is almost surreal. It's as if you are walking through a film clip of monstrous creatures in bright, acidic colors.

Eventually we rise to the top of the water.
...and are  joined by animals that live above the water.

'Illuminated Ocean" which continues through January 19, 2020 aims to raise awareness of protecting our oceans and the endangered species that live within.

I came out of the garden and while on my way home, I passed this really cool candy shop! Oh my, oh my....are those animals made of solid chocolate!!!!

Thank you for your allowing me to take you on this tour. On behalf of April and the gang, I wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas!!!!

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