Meet the Models (New)

Meet the Gorgeous Girls Behind the FDS Fashions!
 The FDS team of models plays an important role in helping us transmit the message of high fashion. With each post, they stand there posing in the latest designer creations. Having such a diversity of looks, skin tones, attitudes and body types enables me to choose the right girl for the right look! For those of you who are curious about who they are, we've put together a listing of "Model Cards" with all of their vital information! We have a lot of models, so not everyone is listed, only those who regularly appear in our posts. The guys are not yet included, but will be in time. As new girls (or guys) arrive in the house, we'll put their cards at the top for a month before entering them in the alphabetical order amidst the other cards.


  1. I would love for you to create and dedicate a whole section of education, videos, to 16" Doll. JamiesShow and Sybraite

    1. Hi arefaces. Thank you for stopping by. I wish I had the time to expand but, as you can imagine, putting this all together and only having 24 hours in a day limits the extent of what I can do.I know there are those of you out there with 16" ladies. (I have 7 Tonners of my own.) And whenever I get the chance, I'd like to do something for you.


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