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Looking for inspiration for your next dolly creations? My Dolls' Eye View  and Kens' Eye View Fashion Reports were designed with that in mind. Here's what to look for in these reports. Every season, I carefully scrutinize nearly all the catwalk shows in each of the four major fashion capitals. Not only do I bring you a snapshot of actual fashions to come, but it's also a suggestion of current styles I feel could be easily reinterpreted into 1/6 doll fashion.

The heads from my Barbies, Kens and Fashion Royalty collection replace those of the professional runway models in an effort to help you visualize how your doll might look in the outfit. Next I select a few garments and bring them to life by making them for my dolls. This is to give you an idea as to how the full scale style might translate into a much smaller version. This is also a way to help keep my blog current and at the height of high fashion!

We also look at what's happening on major red carpet events. Here again, we allow ourselves to be inspired by real celebrity style. We try to match up the doll to the look of each star. And....sometimes we've been known to "improve" on the styling!! It's all in the name of doll play, fun, fantasy and fashion!!!!

Spring/Summer 2019
Women's RTW New York
Women's RTW London

Fall/Winter 2018-19
Women's RTW-New York
Women's RTW-London
Women's RTW-Milan
Women's RTW-Paris

Paris Haute Couture F/W18


Spring/Summer 2018
Women's RTW-New York
Women's RTW-London
Women's RTW-Milan
Women's RTW-Paris

Paris Haute Couture S/S18

Fall/Winter 2017-18
Women's RTW-NY
Women's RTW-London
Women's RTW-Milan
Women's RTW-Paris Pt. 1
Women's RTW-Paris Pt. 2

Paris Haute Couture F/W17

Spring/Summer 2016
Menswear-UK, Milan

Women's RTW-New York
Women's RTW-London
Women's RTW-Milan
Women's RTW-Paris pt1
Women's RTW-Paris pt2

Paris Haute Couture

Spring/Summer 2015
Menswear-Paris Pt. 1
Menswear-Paris Pt. 2

Women's RTW-NY
Women's RTW-London
Women's RTW-Milan
Women's RTW-Paris Pt1
Women's RTW-Paris Pt.2

Paris Haute Couture

Fall/Winter 2014-15
European Menswear Pt. 1
European Menswear Pt. 2

Women's RTW Paris Pt. 1
Women's RTW Paris Pt. 2
Women's RTW Milan
Women's RTW NY Pt 1
Women's RTW NY Pt.2

Haute Couture
Spring/Summer 2014
European Menswear

New York Womenswear: Pt. 1
New York Womenswear: Pt.2
London Womenswear
Milan Womenswear
Paris Ready-to-Wear Pt.1
Paris Ready-to-Wear Pt.2

Paris Haute Couture

Fall/Winter 2013-14:
New York
Paris: Part I, Paris Part II
Paris Haute Couture

The redcarpet of the Oscars, the Emmy's, the Golden Globes and occasionally, the Golden another perfect place to be inspired by some pretty glamorous gowns. When interpreting these dresses for my dolls, I look again, for styles that might work for the proportion of the doll. In a few cases, I take the liberty to "tweak" the design or add "better" accessories. It's all in the name of fun!

The Oscars 2014
Concours d'Elegance (Hats at Prix de Diane '13)
Great Gatsby (Cannes Film Festival '13)
Great Gatsby: Fringe Benefits (Cannes Film Festival '13)
The Emmys 2013
Golden Globes 2014
Golden Globes 2015
Golden Globes 2016
Golden Globes 2017
The Golden Globes 2018
The Oscars 2015
The Oscars 2016
The Emmys 2017
The Emmys 2018

In school, we called museum visits research. In dollyland, this is another excuse to go hunting for ideas for more dolly dresses!

The Majesty of Dior (2017)
The Majesty of Dior in Miniature
Barbie Expo (Musee des Arts Decoratifs 2016)
Barbie Retro Chic
Charles James Beyond Fashion
Dries Van Noten: Inspirations
Hollywood Stars as Dolls (Musee de la Poupee)
La Mecanique des Dessous (Musee des Arts Decoratifs)
Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love
Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris exhibition


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