Fashion Doll Accessories

Belts & Buckles (straight & curved)
Belts: Chain, "Chanel" style
Belts: Corset, Wrap
Boots (Dolly Uggs)
Dolly Designer Bags: Chanel, Hermes, Dior
Eyewear: Mirror glasses, wire frame specs
Fur accessories (idea for hats, handbag, stoles)
Gloves: fingerless opera length
Gloves: cuffs-opera length with fingers

Handbags: leather fashion forward
Handbags: Personalizing existing Barbie purses
Hats I
Hats II
Hats III
Hats IV: hat form, molded capelines
Hats: Straw hats (using raffia)
Hats: Basic Felt
Jewelry: Body Chains
Jewelry: cuff bracelets, collar necklaces, using polymer clay & gold dust
Jewelry: inspired by Tiffany's
Jewelry: necklaces using earrings
Jewelry: Personalizing existing Barbie jewelry
Jewelry: rubber chokers & bracelets using rubber washers/ belts-cuffs using pie pan aluminum
Jewelry: Wire based necklaces, bracelets
Ken doll shoes

Leather handbags
Leather handbag (inspired by Tiffany's & Valentino)
Masks, basic
Rain bonnet
Shoes: Espadrilles
Shoes: HR Homme & Ken doll shoes
Shoes: Making shoes/boots using soles from Barbie shoes
Shoes: Modifying existing Barbie shoes
Shopping bags
Spats (Transforming shoes to boots)
Stocking shoes
Textiles: Using photo transfer paper


  1. Hello, I am inspired by your talent. I play in 1:6 scale room decor and diaramas and would like to learn to make clothes and accessories. My grandmother used to make doll clothes for me but she now suffers with arthritis and I really regret not learning to sew. I recentlyI signed up for a sewing class after seeing some of your videos. Thank you for sharing so generously. I am a new fan!.

    1. Thank you for your very kind words and welcome to my blog. I love miniatures and dioramas, but the doll clothes & accessories takes too much of my time to try my hand in those arts. In any case, the most important advice I can give you is to just have fun and not to be afraid of making mistakes. If something doesn't come out the way you want....use it as a learning moment and keep on marching forward with other projects. Good luck to you and come back any time! We have a lot of fun here!!!


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