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The internet is my second home. As such, I have done LOTS of research to keep abreast as to what's of interest to the fashion doll enthusiast. Some of sites in the list below provoke dreams, some are entertaining, while still others are great resources that compliment what we do here at Fashion Doll Stylist.

As more interesting places come to our attention, we'll continue to update this page. So, don't hesitate to check back often!

My Favorite Doll Stores
Integrity Toys
Jamie Show dolls
Barbie Collector
Couture Dolls

Dolly Fashion & "Lifestyle" Accessories
Facets by Marcia
An amazing site featuring a variety of accessories for many different sizes and types of dolls including shoes, hats, eyeglasses and wigs.
Joe's List
Amongst the variety of fashion dolls sold on Joe's list, you'll also find a wide array of interesting curios like furniture, 1/6th scale miniatures, vintage flight bags & luggage,  miniature Vitra chairs, and his renowned, 1/6 scale umbrellas.
Regent Miniatures
THE most incredible doll furniture (some scaled for Barbie) you'll ever see.

Favorite Doll Tutorials
Fashion Doll Shoes
Tutorials for making shoes for a variety of dolls
My Froggy Stuff
Tutorials for making almost anything and everything connected to the world of dolls
Miniatures at About.com
Lots of tutorials and free downloadable patterns for making miniature props for dollhouses and dioramas.

Sew What (Tips on Sewing Doll Clothes)

Doll Reference Sites
Integrity Toys
Here is where you'll find the latest collection of IT dolls. You can also purchase a limited variety directly from them. For info on re-bodying their dolls click here.
IT Skin Database
This is a well illustrated Fashion Royalty doll database where you can see comparison charts of the skin tones, face and hand sculpts of most FR collectibles. Absolutely essentially for anyone considering re-bodying a doll.
Jonkel Color Infusion
Another great source of information for Integrity Toys' newer (and not so new) doll lines dating from 2010 to the present. What is wonderful here, is that it lists the doll's specs including hair color, skin tone, body type, face sculpt and more. This is very important particularly when you are looking for body replacements or trying to figure out exactly what hair color is on the doll..
There are a number of sites devoted to vintage Barbies, however this one focuses on the contemporary Barbies with useful info on the year they first introduced, their name and the various modern Barbies each sculpt was used for.
The Fashion Doll Chronicles
The latest fashion doll news and reviews.

Fabrics/Materials/Textile Resources

Dharma Trading
great one-stop shopping for basic white or black silk and cotton fabrics & supply needs for textile crafts at VERY reasonable prices. Ships internationally.
Doll Artist Workshop
perhaps the best place on the web for doll sized buttons, zips, buckles, millinery, jewelry making, sewing room notions & supplies
Eyelet Outlet
Thank you, Black Kitty for this wonderful resource! This is where you will find one of the largest selections of grommets (eyelets), brads, sticky back rhinestones and all associated tools. Their metal eyelets are as tiny as 1/8-inch (3mm) and you can also find the tools needed to punch those tiny holes and set in your eyelets. The variety of brads (which I use for buttons) is extensive and includes pearl, rhinestone and a variety of shapes.
Joel and Son Fabrics
Very upscale, gorgeous, couture fabrics, notions, accessories based in London.
I Sew For Doll
Another great source for doll sized notions: zippers, buttons, buckles and the like for 1/4 and 1/6 scale dolls. She sells miniature objects and props for dioramas. There is also a I Sew For Doll Etsy store.
Mood Fabrics
of Project Runway fame, one of the most extensive selections of fashion fabrics, trims, notions & supplies
M&J Trimmings
a New York institution, here's where you'll find an extensive selection of buttons, beads, rhinestones, crystals, woven trims, feathers, lace trim, braid, etc.
Pacific Trimmings
same as above +sewing notions
Silk Connection
basic white silk, cotton and linen fabrics at VERY reasonable prices.
Toho Shoji NY (Jewelry findings)
beads, chain, findings & supplies for jewelry making
Zipper That Doll
A site specializing in doll sized zippers (including separating zippers), miniscule flat & shank buttons, and super thin Velcro.

Free Printables

Airline tickets, shopping bags from About.com's Miniatures page
Gift bags & boxes, vintage magazines from Jennifer's Free Dollhouse Printables.
Passports (US), Money (US, Canada, Eurozone), Newspapers, Maps, etc. at Small Stuff's PrintMini


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