2-pc Basic foundation dress
A-line skirt
A-line skirt with front-back yoke
Bare-midriff top with square neckline
Basic, Straight Coat/Jacket
Basic Jersey Dresses, 1 pc patterns
Bathing suit-1-piece
bathing suit cover-ups
Bathing suit (strapless)
bathing suit w shirring
Boho Chic: Peasant blouses/dresses
Bustles, dresses with
Circle skirt
Coat (for Ken)
Coat with Raglan sleeves
Corset: full torso
Creating a pattern from existing garment
Cut & Sew knits: dresses, tops
Empire waist dresses
Four gore flared skirt
Fur Coat
Gathered flared skirt
Halter top
Handkerchief point skirt
Jacket (blazer without collar)
Jacket, double breasted
Jacket with Shawl, Notched & Mandarin collars)
Jeans (jacket, skirt, pants)
Jeans (Ken)
Jean Jacket (Ken)
Jersey dresses (Donna Karan inspired)
Jersey dresses (Patrick Kelly inspired)
Latticework skirt (Altuzarra)
Necklines (Basic)
Necklines (One-shoulder tops & dresses)
Pajamas (how to do piping)
Pants for Ken (low-riding)
Pants: Basic Pants for Ken
Princess Line Bodice / Dress
Rain Cape
Safari Jacket
Sarong skirt
Shearling (women's) coat / men's jacket
Sheath Dress
Sheath Dress (strapless, evening length variations)
Shift Dress
Shirt-For Ken
Shirt & Pants outfits for Ken
Shopping bags
Shorts: 1-piece, with pleat, flared
Sleeves: bell, bishop, tulip,
Slip Dress
Sport jacket for Ken
Sweater (cut & sew) for Ken
Sweater (cut & sew) for Barbie and Ken
T-shirt (Barbie)
Tent or Tunic Dress
Trench coat
Wrap top/Wrap Dress


  1. you have a terrific site! have you ever considered a tutorial on cutting and styling Barbie hair? there is very little on the internet for that. your leather handbag tutorial is excellent! could you post anything for knitting for Tonner dolls? 16" and 22"? I will keep reading your stuff! Thank you, Vicki S

  2. Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for your excellent suggestions. When I began this blog, my mission was only to do clothing for Barbie and her friends. Eventually I included Ken fashions and over time, I've even expanded into accessories in an attempt to provide "the total fashion experience" for fashion dolls. Right now, I'm thinking about featuring hair pieces (not wigs), especially since they were always part of my beauty kit. I haven't had the patience to knit, but who knows what the future may bring. The "big girls" really aren't my mission here, but I try to write this blog in such a way so that the patterns can be interpreted or scaled up for the 16 or taller dolls. Thank you for reading my blog.

  3. Thank you for this blog - it is wonderful, even though there is so much to read!! Love it (it will keep me busy for years). Keep it up

  4. Thanks for this.. I can now play with my dolls :-)

  5. Thank you for your visit. Come back as often as you like. We WANT you to play with your dolls!!!!

  6. Thanks for the reply April. Your blog is such an inspiration... :-)

  7. Hi, I love what you're doing with your blog. I'm a total novice with regards to doll fashion, but tried my hand at some things. Would love to publish what I have done and would appreciate some positive critique on my items. I used the Liv dolls as my models and are not quite sure whether its legal to do
    so publicly.

  8. Hi Josephine. Would love to see what you're doing. We're on Facebook ( where, I believe, you can contact me by sending a message with photos. I'm not sure what you mean by the last sentence. I'm not a legal expert, but from what I've seen, people who make things for dolls do tend to specialize and thus identify with one doll or another. I think so long as it's obvious that the items you make are yours and that you have no other affiliation with the manufacturers of Liv dolls, I see no problem.

  9. Thank you so much for all the patterns. But do you make some reversible fashions ???
    J'ai déjà fait des robes réversibles et des vestes aussi. Mais je trouve toujours difficile de faire des vestes réversibles. Auriez vois une technique surtout pour les bras ??? Merci !

  10. Desole pour le retard en repondant a votre question. Non, je ne fais pas les vetements reversibles car, pour l'instant, c'est plus interessant pour moi d'explorer les differentes silhouettes. Mais, je suis en train de preparer une rubrique sur la doublure des veste simples par machine a coudre. Cela peut vous aider??

  11. Could you possibly show how to make a camisole top for a 12" or 16" fashion doll? I cannot seem to figure it out. I use a basic bodice pattern but its hard to know exactly where to cut in order to alter it into a cami top! The fitted style is what I'm after. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  12. Camisoles come in different shapes. Awhile ago, I created a super simple one which you'll find with the post "Good foundations: 1 piece corset" (02/09/13) (do a search in this blog for the post). It's made with one rectangle of fabric with darts in the front. If you want something a little more advanced, I would suggest starting out with "Good Foundations: The Sheath Dress" which, in effect is a basic foundation that fits down past the hips. Make this in a cheap cotton or muslin, place on the doll, then cut your own neckline, decide how long or short and cut the rest away. This will serve as your pattern. Remove from the doll, iron, then cut using your definitive fabric. In short, not everything is decided on the table. Some patterns are better created directly on the doll. You start with a basic pattern, then add or subtract from it to create whatever you want. Hope that helps.

  13. bonjour,
    j'ai découvert votre blog en cherchant des modèles faciles pour mes barbies,je suis tombée en admiration sur vos modèles et depuis votre site est dans mes favoris et mes "filles" sont habillées et accessoirisées en haute couture!un grand merci pour vos créations et vos tutos

    1. Bonjour et bienvenue!! Ici vous etes en bonne compagnie!!! On parle la mode. On parle poupees mannequins! Tous est lie avec les dernieres tendencies pret-a-porter et couture....mais pour les poupees! Amusez-vous bien et revenir autant que vous voulez!

  14. Are these patterns printable?

  15. Well...they aren't really designed to be printable. They're basically there to guide you through the pattern drafting process. I suppose you could try, but you'll probably need to make adjustments because I use a variety of dolls of various proportions.

  16. I've been sewing for over 50 years but only recently got my first Barbie and now I'm addicted! I love this site - it is constantly open my iPad as I look for inspiration. I'm coping with free sewing draped dresses and skirts but desperately looking for a fitted jacket pattern for/adaptable to Dior's New Look. Will definitely try to make one from your sloper video.
    Would love to see your patterns and designs in book form

    1. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I've been abroad. Thank you so much for your very kind words and......WELCOME to the Doll Community. You sound a little like me. I've been sewing for a long job and my career has been in fashion. So turning to Barbie was a natural. I have, indeed, started writing a book. My New Year's reservation will be to FINISH it!. Have fun.

  17. I have been sewing for many years as well I'm a pattern maker and I have tried to use my knowledge to make dolls clothes but to no avail until I found your site thanks for the inspiration and the tips. are you on Facebook? or you tube?

    1. Hi Jenny and welcome to my blog. I too, have been sewing since I was 16 and I studied fashion design in college which included four years of pattern drafting/draping classes. After I stopped working, I had to find something to occupy my time, so I turned to creating fashions for Barbie. I began by falling back on traditional pattern drafting & sewing, but quickly discovered that the 12" fashion doll body presents a certain number of challenges started with her tiny proportions. You have to scale back certain techniques and methods due to problems with bulk! So if I could offer any advice, it would be to simplify, simplify, simplify!!!! My blog is a mixture of traditional pattern drafting and my own short cuts which I share here. I don't line everything because 1) problems of excessive bulk and 2) today's fashions are rarely lined and 3) lining sometimes changes the fall of the garment. In any case, have a great time as this community is filled with wonderful people who are not bashful about showing off their hobby. And yes, Fashion Doll Stylist is both on FaceBook and YouTube (those videos have links here). Come back any time. If it's in fashion, it's here where it's interpreted for the doll!!!

  18. Do u have any tutorials on making a sloper or pattern for leggings?

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes. It's under a post called "Lace It Up" (April 23, 2013). The tutorial shows how to make stockings. Leave the feet off and they are leggings! In the meantime, I'll put it in as "stockings/leggings" with the link under "Tutotials: Patterns"

  19. Very interesting thanks for sharing.God bless you more.

  20. Do you have any info to make shoes and boots for flat foot Barbies? The runways are showing a lot on their models.

    1. I have a tutorial for sneakers. Here’s the problem. To make an attractive pair of flat shoes or boots, you usually need a “last” or a shoe form on which a shoe is built. Otherwise, the shoe risks being an odd, flat shape. I have been exploring easy ways to construct such a shoe, but thus far I have not had any success. Whenever i can make it work, i will be sure to post.

  21. So nice , great idea ,i love it so much !


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