Sew What!!??!! (Index of sewing tips & tutorials)

On this page---a list of sewing tips and tutorials that appear throughout this blog to help you get from point A (laying out your pattern and pinning) to point X-Y and Z (lining, hand sewing and attaching hooks & eyes. Click on any of the links to be instantly transported to the tutorial in question. From time to time I'll be slipping more mini-tutorials in between past posts. So, if you don't see what you need, check back here often, as I will be adding to the list of techniques.

Fringing edges
Hook & Eyes
Lining a basic jacket or coat.
Lining a straight skirt
Lining a sheath dress
Piping pants/jacket
Setting in grommets & studs
Sewing in a dress zipper /
Sewing in a separating zipper


Even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can still make clothes for your doll. The backstitch is as firm as machine stitching. Take one small stitch at a time, always beginning just inside the end of the preceding stitch. You should make at least 8 stitches per inch.

(See Running Stitch)
Hand basting a garment together prior to machine stitching assures more accuracy when sewing the garment together. The stitching line not only holds the garment together while sewing, but also serves as a sewing guide to ensure you are respecting the proper seam allowing and sewing lines. Basting is also useful for putting a garment together for the purposes of fitting on the doll. After the garment is sewn together, the basting stitches are removed easily.

The most basic of sewing stitches, it is used for seaming, gathering, tucking, mending. Make small even stitches, weaving the needle in and out of fabric as shown before pulling the thread through.

How to Sew Leather & Vinyl
How to Sew Sequined Fabrics
How to Sew Velvet Fabrics
Using Beaded Fabric/Trim as "Embroidery"

For those of you who have asked about that cute little ruler I used in my video posts, unfortunately, it was a promotional gift I found in my dad's toolbox. I couldn't find anything similar on the market, so I scanned it and posted it below. You can download this photo of it and print it out. (You may have to make an adjustment or two to get the measurement just right.) Laminate it for strength and durability and cut away the black background..


  1. I am so excited to have discovered your blog! It will take me a bit to make it through all of your wonderful information but one thing I could use your help on is lining. I scanned the headings and don't see that yet. I have so much trouble for some reason with lining all the different garments, especially if they have sleeves. I'm certain you can help, your expertise is awe inspiring!

  2. Hi Sew4Barbie and welcome to my blog! Take a look at two posts: "Let's Talk Chanel" and "Lets Talk YSL." The first one is a tutorial on edge to edge lining a simple, "Chanel" style jacket. And the second one is a tutorial on lining garments with notched collars (jackets and coats). The YSL post offers two solutions for dealing with sleeves. Thank you so much for your very kind words.

  3. Thank you so much for posting the ruler photo! I read somewhere you can print it out and glue it onto a plastic template material & cut it out to make it sturdy! :)

  4. Hi again! I was trying to adjust the ruler to the correct size to print. I see its 6" in length, but i wanted to know how many inches wide is it supposed to be? Thanks in advance. :)

  5. You can disregard my question abt the width of ruler. I printed it out and its just abt 6" and a little over 1-1/2" wide. Its small enough to use for the doll patterns. Thanks.


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