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Visitors who come to FDS have a variety of different skill levels. Some of you have expressed difficulty in following along with our tutorials. So with you in mind, I am creating a series of Video Tutorials embedded within chosen posts to help make the instructions easier to understand. They are also accessible separately on YouTube.

The Patrick Kelly Cocoon coat is our most visited post. That is why I begin with this, the first of many videos to come. Check back here, as I will be adding more from time to time.

The Cocoon Coat
"How to Make a Cocoon Coat for the Fashion Doll."
Created from a single rectangle of fabric, this video shows you how to recreate the famous Patrick Kelly Cocoon Coat. (The measurements are for the doll, but guess can play around with the proportions and make one for yourself, as well!)

Doll Sloper Tutorials.
In this series, we show you how to create slopers for your doll by draping directly on the doll. The videos have been embedded in the original posts which also contain step-by-step photo tutorials.
"How to Make Slopers for the Doll Part 1: Measuring the Doll"
"How to Make Slopers for the Doll Part 2: The Bodice Sloper
"How to Make Slopers for the Doll Part 3: The Sleeve Sloper"
"How to Make Slopers for the Doll Part 4: The Skirt Sloper"
"How to Make Slopers for the Doll Part 5: The Trouser Sloper"
"How to Make Slopers for the Doll Part 6: The 1-piece Foundation:
"How to Make Slopers for Knits, Jersey Dresses"
"How to Make a Bodice Sloper for the Ken Doll"
"How to Make a Pant Sloper for the Ken Doll"

OR...If you're in the videos alone, I've grouped the "How to Make Slopers" series separately here:
Part I: Measuring the Doll
Parts 2 through 6: The Bodice, The Sleeve, The Skirt, The Trouser, The 1-pc. Foundation.

Dolly Couture 101:
The Classic Draped Couture Gown


  1. Hi! Do you think you could do videos sewing and putting together doll fashions? I never see any only for baby dolls or cheap looking stuff. It would be great to see somebody sewing real fashion doll clothing, and it might be easier seeing it than reading ! Great blog! �� Thanks!

    1. Oh...if I could just teach my dolls how to hold a camera!!!! Seriously, I am a one-person operation AND videos take a LOT of time to do. I had hoped to do more, but I have no one to hold the camera to keep me in focus and no one to help with the editing. Putting together each post takes quite a bit of time and would need editing. And, the longer the clip, the longer it takes to upload. But more importantly, I have visitors from all over the world, many of whom do not speak English. Blogs have a built in translation service which allow me to reach a broader audience. At some point, I'd like to do another one, but in the meantime, thank you for your kind words, your visit and your interest.

    2. I understand! Thanks :)

    3. I also wanted to ask you where i can find a small ruler with rounded end? Like in your videos. That is the perfect size for making doll sized slopers! Oh and i was going to suggest if you ever do make anymore videos you could get a tripod,the ones I've seen for phone cams are reasonably priced! But as you said the editing, uploading and language differences so the blog is easier. Thanks.

    4. You are not the first person to ask about the ruler. I think it was something my father brought home a long time ago. I did a Google search to see where to find others, but it seems that it was a promotional item. Perhaps what I can do is to post a full scale photo of it so that you might carefully trace it onto a stiff board. As far as the tripod is concerned....I already have a professional grade one. The problem is not there. While working, it is very easy to move out of frame. And it is difficult to make something while looking through a viewfinder. I really need a second person to help. But thank you for trying to offer a solution.

    5. That sounds like a good idea to try. Thanks!

    6. Where is this posted at?

    7. Give me another day or so. I'll put it under the heading "Sew What" (An Index of Sewing Tips) under the Tutorials section (on the upper right hand side of the page).

    8. Hi! I don't see it on that page :/

    9. So sorry. I got really tied up working on the last post. The photo of the ruler is up. Again it's in "Sew What" (An Index of Sewing Tips) under the Tutorials section (on the upper right hand side of the page).

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