Saturday, May 4, 2013

Barbie Lost in the World of Hermès Scarves

Marpessa in Hermes

Today, we took a nice long stroll down the rue Faubourg Saint Honore, one of Paris' renowned streets for luxury goods. The most famous store here is Hermes, 19th century saddle makers turned fashion goods house, who are also world famous for their limited edition, screen printed, silk scarves. I know collectors who frame and hang them on their walls, but I wondered, how else one might show off these items?

Marpessa in Hermes
Hmmm...beautiful scarves, gorgeous dolls...How about using dolls as mannequins to display your collection of scarves or pocket squares around the house as objets d'art.

Marpessa in Hermes
Spoiler alert: No designer scarves were harmed in the production of this posting!!! This is purely an exercise in styling. No cutting. No sewing!!! For this exercise you will need 1) your dolls, 2) your favorite scarves or squares, 3) silk pins, and 4) a penchant for haute couture drama. Note: we've also used finery from Dior, Cartier, Vivienne Westwood, Rochas, and Hanae Mori.

Eva in Hanae Mori against a backdrop of Rochas

I dress the dolls in a basic garment which serves as a foundation for 'building' the scarf-dress onto the doll. You can pin the drapes in place as you design. Please use silk pins (which are finer than regular ones) as well as hair clips to keep from harming your scarf.

Eva in Cartier "jewels"

Have a good time with this project and don't hesitate to add accessories as well as touches of jewelry!

Eva in Cartier "jewels"
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Eva in Vivienne Westwood

Eva in Dior

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