Sunday, April 20, 2014

In My Easter Bonnet

I was so involved putting together the last project, the arrival of Easter Sunday nearly caught me off-guard. My dolls, on the other hand, did not forget! When I awoke this morning, many were looking at me cross-eyed. "How could I forget to make them Easter bonnets!!??!!"

So, I lied and told them I had not forgotten and then quickly hunted down my organza jewelry bags and a few silk flowers.

This project is a (last minute) quick & easy way to get your doll ready for the Easter Parade!

The organza bag (available at crafts stores in a variety of colors), is turned upside down and fitted to the head of the doll by drawing in the ribbon. You can tie on to itself at one side, then simply crush down the areas to "sculpt" the desired look. Feel free to add additional ribbons or tiny flowers.

I create my hat directly on the doll, pinning in place until I'm happy. Then I tack everything in place with tiny hand stitches.

In a variation of this, I've added a silk flower petal layer to the underside. This helps to frame the face and add an additional texture.

And then there is the story of doll named rose...... Inspired by Irish fashion designer, John Rocha, who often uses oversized flower hats atop the heads of his models. I've followed suit with these hats. It's best to use two flowers, either the same or different, simply because it provides more petals as well as the opportunity to better hide plastic bits.

To make this hat more permanent, I've created a tiny base (slightly larger than a Euro coin or a US quarter) using air dried paper clay. This base allows you to pin things into it as well as pin the hat in the doll's hair. Bend the petals around the head to frame the face and to hide the plastic centers. I chose to leave those centers in tact because I wanted to preserve the stamens. Again, I try this on the doll to get just the right look. When you are happy, you can then remove the pins and glue the petals to each other. Then pin down the flower onto the base.

Most likely this will not stay put on the doll. So we will do as our great grandmothers did..use a hat pin (straight pins with a pearl or colored bead is good) to keep everything in place. Just remember that, like your great grandmother, the pin should go in the hair and NOT the head!!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!!!!!

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  1. LOL, I can imagine how they were looking at you this morning! You're so imaginative April, your bonnets are really lovely!
    I was noticing that you have so many diffrent girls, Barbies, Tonner, and FR old and must be quite demanding to make dresses for all of them!
    I'd love to see your Tonner wardrobe, I'm tempted by tall girls, but I don't have the room for them

    1. Since I began this blog, I wanted to work with a diversity of dolls. I began with the Barbies, and have become most accustomed to their bodies. The Model Muse girls have thinner bodies than the S.I.S Barbies who are also my "junior" models. They can both fit in the same tops, but not the bottoms. I have 10 FR. All are high fashion, but there are two completely different body types, two different lengths and shoe sizes. Very frustrating because they cannot share clothes! I have only 3 Tonner dolls with 2 body types and shoe sizes! I have not made many clothes for the Tonners, as they really command very sophisticated, clothing with lots of small details that take a lot of time to complete. I'm currently using them to explore styles of fashion photography on another blog. The 16" dolls are really beautiful, but I, too really don't have the space (or the budget) to bring in many more. And, I remain very committed to finding solutions for our 12" friends. Hugs.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kelly. Hope you had a great Easter holiday.


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