Monday, January 19, 2015

Ken's Eye View: Fall 2015 London trends

It's the beginning of fashion week season! The boys are the first ones to grace the catwalk and this time they're showing off all the hot styles from London. There were many very wearable, very smart looks this season. What we've noticed is that designers have returned to their (tailored, gentile) roots, mixing in, on occasion, hefty doses of modernity in the form of color, texture and accessories. Pictured above...American born, Tom Ford who now shows in London, returns to Carnaby Street borrowing sleek skinny looks and neat little suits.

Fifty Shades of.....
Grey, particularly in textured wools, continues make a big splash next Fall. Look for tweeds, plaids and flocked wools, cut in super large silhouettes to be popular for casual wear jackets, coats and even trousers.

Country Gentleman....
Weekend wear with a focus on comfy sports jackets with generous proportions is the perfect way to top off slim jeans or kakis. Brand new this season...corduroy. Though too bulky for the doll, think of using cotton velvet instead.

Wooly Bully
With an emphasis on casual dressing, the sweater becomes a major part of monsieur's wardrobe. This is the newest way for your guy to wear sweaters. For the most part, sweaters are in muted jewel tones, cut in generous proportions. New here: the sweater coat and great big scarves tossed over the shoulders of oversized pullovers.

Black Ice
Take an otherwise non-descript garment--say a quilted parka, overcoat or a utilitarian jumpsuit, cut it out of black nylon or some other technical fabric and you've got the kind of gorilla urban wear likely to be found all over the streets next winter. What makes this work is the roomy proportions of these silhouettes along with all of the topstitching.

Sign Language
The shock of stark black and white graphics is another part of the gorilla urban wear movement slated for next winter. There is, of course the bold, in-your-face graphics and color blocking for those who like to experiment with their style. And even though these trends are for Fall/Winter, notice the amount of pure white used in contrasting looks.

The New Shearlings
The shearling jacket which debuted last year is back for an encore. This time they're back in larger proportions, drenched in color or defined in color blocked sections.

Pop Rocks
There's nothing like a good pop of color to wake up the senses and move fashion forward. Today's young man is certainly not afraid spurts of vivid color against black. Just be sure to keep the silhouettes large and loose whether it's sweaters or coats.

Beauty and the Beast
And so as the males become the peacocks of the species, out come the fur coats. Think long hair faux fur shaggy coats for a fun look to salute the arrival of the polar vortex season.

Suiting up
When it's all over and done with....the suit reigns supreme. The classic one or two button jacket bespoke suit best defines the best of what London has to offer in menswear. Note the return of the 3-piece suit (Hardy Amies) as well as the reappearance of velvet (Richard James)!

Stay tuned. The boys are currently in Milan. They'll be back shortly with the hottest looks from Italy!

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  1. Replies
    1. You know, our guy dolls also need something new to wear. Gotta keep them in style as well!

  2. The black/white theme is great! It's been a very long time since fur coats were in fashion for men, unless I missed this trend before? :-).

    1. Night Owl, men have become such peacocks (at least in the world of fashion). The trend of fur coats for men is something that began last year. When Kanye West showed up at the shows in a great big shaggy fur coat, I suppose designers were inspired to take things to the next level. Spoiler alert: there more fur coats on the horizon in Italy! I agree about the Black/White theme. I would have done more creative things for this post but got behind schedule. Otherwise I would have loved to do something on the order of the KTZ looks.

  3. Wow, your Mattel men and Integrity Hommes look stunning in designer garb. The KTZ bowler hats look particularly darling ;-)

  4. Thank you D7ana. Menswear has become as much fun and innovative as womenswear was a few decades back. It was through looking at men's fashion week and all of the non-traditional styles on the catwalk that convinced me that it might be fun to look at menswear through the prism of the male fashion doll. Thank you for leaving a comment!


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