Monday, February 23, 2015

Doll's Eye View: N.Y Fall/Winter 2015 Trends Pt. 1

Don't worry, we'll have the Oscars' Red Carpet post up shortly. But since we already begun preparing the New York Fashion Week, we're putting part one first. In a couple days, we'll do a red carpet flash back before getting back to the month's primary focus....the month-long marathon of international catwalk shows.

Livin' Large
One of the good things about New York fashion is that you get a clear and practical idea of what kinds of clothes you will definitely want for cold weather months. For that reason, it goes without saying that coats are a major focal point. This season they are cut super wide, super long, worn belted or left loose over that sweater dress or pair of trousers.


Both in warm tones as well as cool, grey is THE main color for Fall. What is important here is that it should never be boring. Think about choosing fabrics that have textures.

And don't overlook patterns, plaids and elements that move like fringe.

Rug rats
Another interesting trend is the use of shaggy fabrics and faux furs. Silhouettes are basic...super simple---just what is needed when working with such complicated materials. If you knit, you can make a jacket using a novelty yarn. If you don't, then look for anything with a long nap. For the dolly version of the long vest on the left, I used a small piece of lambs wool.

On the Fringe
The notion of fabrics with built-in movement also extends to trims. For daywear, think of trimming a poncho or a coat with fringe. For eveningwear, don't hold back when it comes to silk fringe trim or even rows of cut ribbon.

Fuzzy Edges
 The popularity of fur, started last year, continues on for Fall/Winter 2015. It doesn't have to be a whole coat or even a jacket. It can be as simple as adding a fuzzy collar around the shoulders of a jacket, around the sleeves of a coat or as a boa, belted over an evening top.

To be continued......

Stay tuned. We'll take a short intermission to show off the girls' picks from last night's Oscar Red Carpet. Then we'll be right back with New York Part II. (Eveningwear.)

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  1. I'm out of town for a couple of days and what I find? a great double feature from April!!! WOW
    I'm simply amazed by your Ralph Lauren suit, it's wonderful how you reinvented it, and you picked the right girl (I have a soft spot for the Loboutin face sculpt). There are a lot of ideas, but I'm mostly interested in the Custo Barcelona Tartan outfit, you can imagine why......
    Kisses Billa

  2. Oh yes, Billa, I have been CRAZY busy. This is the unique time of the year when too many "style" events collide. I like to be timely and post soon after the various catwalk events and soon after the Oscars, but somehow I fell behind and found myself in the middle of NY Fashion Week when the Oscars rolled by. What I have learned over the course of 2 years is that you sometimes have to reinterpret the style to flatter the doll's figure. So a curvier jacket worked better than a straight one in this case. The Barbie Model Muse dolls are best suited for the shows because, not only do their "belly button" figures correspond to the catwalk models, they take that perfect pose....which happens to be a classic hand-on-the-hip classic fashion stance.


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