Sunday, June 21, 2015

(Pause) World Doll Day Tag


Dolls all make us smile!!!!
I'm all for dolls and any special day devoted to them. So, having been tagged by Billa, I am making this quick post which asks that I list:
3 favorite dolls from last year's purchases,
3 dolls on my wish list
   and that I tag 5 other bloggers.

Folks, I have a LOT of dolls looking over my shoulder with fixed stares as I write this, so I'd better be REALLY careful!!!! It's hard to narrow my list down to just 3. So I will begin by stating that this is only for the year 2014!  I cannot narrow this down to just three without starting cat fights throughout the house, so please forgive me as I compromise with them by doing 3x3. (And even at that, this post will still cost me in bribes of shoes and new items of apparel for those dolls not making the list!)

Monica (FR Veronique Perrin)

Renaud (Barbie Basics Ken)
Lamar (FR Hommes: Back to Brooklyn Remi)

Tamron (Barbie Collector: Halle Berry)

Anna (FR Kyori Sato)
Estelle (Barbie Herve Leger)
Even though I don't use my Tonner dolls for this blog, I must mention my super photogenic faves for my Fashion Doll Art photoblog. Otherwise they will frown and stick their tongues out at me.
Stella (Tonner Antoinette Spice)
Gunilla (Tonner Antoinette Chilled)

Isabela (Tonner Precarious Wild Bird)

My wish list is pretty small and only consists of two (must-have) dolls:

FR Hommes: Takeo
 I see this doll from time to time, but he's never within my budget.

This is an EXTREMELY rare doll. She's Tonner's Onyx Mannequin and as such, she is a repaint. Even without the face painted in, I have NEVER come across. The doll pictured here, belongs to a collector, Ellis Jones who posted this on Tonner's Doll Duels.

And so with that, I tag the following:
Marta (All4Barbie)
Sarah (Sarah Plays Dolls)
Smaller Places

We'll be back in about 24 hours with a most unusual post I think you'll enjoy. Stay tuned!!!!


  1. I am completely fascinated by the dress on Tamron. Gorgeous!

  2. Love all of them, but Veronique has something special to her,she's so definitely a late 20's diva!
    I agree with Smaller Places, the more I look at Tamron's dress the more I'm stunned !

    1. There's a little story behind the Veronique doll. Her previous owner had a "dolly model agency" which, sadly she was forced to sell off quickly. Monica, which is the name she gave to this doll, was one of her favorite models. Not only did I not change the doll's name, I wrote the previous doll mom to let her know that Monica would have a very lucrative career as a model on my blog. She was thrilled.
      Tamron's skirt is made from a satin devore (burn-out) material. This is a textile technique I'll be featuring this summer after I've order the materials!

  3. All very nice choices. I used pictures I had taken when I got the dolls so the others wouldn't find out who made the list! Now to keep them all off of the internet!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. When it comes to the internet, I'm afraid, my dolls are way ahead of me. The divas have their own blog and I'm sure they will be dishing the dirt on me soon!!!

  4. All from 2014! Goodness. So many beauties. I love your 16" ladies, too. And yes, Takeo....hmmpt hmmpt hmmpt.

    1. Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a pretty face. I don't buy clothes (for myself), I don't by shoes. The dolls get all my money! My name is April and I am a dollaholic!!!!!

  5. You take such gorgeous doll photos! I am in awe.

    Thanks for tagging me! This will be fun. But yes, choosing favorites will be difficult and require a lot of bribing. Also, my dolls will be wondering why they did not know about World Doll Day... and why I did not throw a party in their honor. ;)

    1. Thank you Sarah. Well, you'd better head things off with your dolls. Make a bunch of beaded bracelets, maybe a bag or two, then promise them you'll try harder next year!!!!

    2. They say I have to start planning for next year... now. They also want me to start planning for Christmas. I have a busy summer ahead of me! But if that's what it takes to keep the peace....

      By the way, are you still interested in writing a book about doll clothing? I've been gathering some resources on book proposals, and I also know several people who got craft books published. I have some great self-publishing resources, too -- I could send you the info -- I'm if you're interested. <3

    3. Oh Sarah, my dolls are already planning to take over this event next year. (Take a peak at the Fashion Doll Diva blog.) So good luck!!!
      Yes, still interested and I'll email you shortly.

  6. Lovely dolls in stunning fashions, April. I LOVE how your dolls wear couture fashions. Stunning! I'm glad you were chosen and that you've taken on the challenge ;-) Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck getting your grail dolls.

  7. Thank you so much D7ana for your kind words. This has been so much fun.

  8. Such great dolls! You know your dolls be rocking the "gear". I love all the outfits your create and I am some what getting there. Thank you for showing how to draft a toile for my dolls. I used your techniques and it never lets me down.

  9. Thank you Brini. I am VERY happy the toiles and techniques are working for you. Like that, your girls can rock along with my girls!! At this point, my dolls are an extension of me and my long time love for clothes. I'm only too happy to share my passion for fashion.


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