Monday, February 8, 2016

CARNIVAL 2016!!!!

To all my friends in Trinidad & Tobago, I wish you a very festive, happy and safe... CARNIVAL!!

In the four years I spent in this lovely country, I learned to appreciate this very special holiday. The Trinidadians are a very proud people and I can attest to their creative and artistic ability. As usual, I set aside this time to dress my girls in skimpy, over-the-top showgirl costumes.
This isn't about real clothes at all. On the contrary, this is about creating losing oneself in an artistic fantasy crafted from feathers, beads, and an extravagant imagination. The party doesn't end there.

Twinkle Toes

According to, glitter footwear is all the rage! In fact, we noticed quite a few sparkly sneakers on the streets of Paris last December. Look for everything from sparkling ankle boots to stiletto sandals to jazz up the feet of diehard fashionistas.

Sparkle footwear is very in, according to Vogue magazine.

So, we decided to take a few pair of cheap Barbie shoes (you can find them online and on eBay) and glam them up with a small vile of silver glitter!

Before and after, pink plastic Barbie shoes are given a glamorous new look with glitter.

At first, I was afraid that the end result would look a bit cheesy. But to my surprise, the shoes almost looked as though they were encrusted with tiny rhinestones. I was most pleased.

It is not so difficult to work with glitter. Still, here are a few tips to a successful finish.

 1. Use craft glue or (glossy) ModPodge for best results. For tiny areas or small shoes, I use a toothpick to spread the glue. For slightly larger shoes or boots, I use a Q-tip. But if you think you will be glittering lots of items, then you might want to use small paintbrushes.
2. Shake fine glitter onto the shoes while the glue is still wet. Shake it over a small sheet of aluminum foil or waxed paper. (When you are finished, excess goes back in the vial for reuse the next time around!) Pat the bottom of the shoe to shake off the excess.
3. Allow to dry, then paint on another layer of glue, followed by another generous shake of glitter. Shake off the excess and, again, allow to completely dry.

Don't stop there, have fun. Give new life to a Barbie bracelet or handbag. You can even create your own accessories from oven-bake clay then add a few shakes of glitter to glam things up.

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  1. It's probably better to paint the shoes in the glitter colour first. You could get decent coverage with just one coat of glitter without losing too much detail. Still they look great and I love the outfits you paired with them.

    1. Hi BlackKitty. I started out by painting the base silver and adding a single layer of glitter. But when I liked it better with the second layer added. There is more depth which seems to reflect the light a little better and I found that there was less glitter fallout. Also, there are times when you might want a different background color like black with silver or gold glitter....sort of like stars against the night sky!

    2. Oh, I see what you mean with the added depth. I thought you were going for full coverage in the tutorial.

  2. Your carnival girls look fabulous, and those feather boas, wow!! I love the carnival, the costumes and the music have such a happy atmosphere :-). The glitter shoes are beautiful, they look very trendy and chic!

    1. Thank you Linda. This was simply good fun! I was very surprised (and quite pleased) at how the glitter turned out. I discovered what could look a bit cheap on a human, looks downright luxurious in 1/6 scale!

  3. Your dolls look absolutly amazing in their outfits... and these shoes...

  4. Love the carnival festive and glamorous!

  5. The carnival outfits just scream to have fun and dance! : D
    Oh and now I kind of want to sparkle up my old "converse"/sneakers because they're very used and boring. :'''>

    1. Thank you Uraru. The glittered up sneakers are really awesone and caught my eye when I first saw them in the store windows as well as on people's feet (men and women) on the street.


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