Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dolls Eye View: Paris Fall 2016 Trends Part II

If you liked the last post, you're simply going to LOVE this one. The girls found LOTS to love, LOTS to wear!!! Moreover, many of these looks are super simple to make, using as a base, many of the basic patterns. The key to making them work is styling--the choice of accessories!

Uptown Girl
These are classy, classic looks with just the right embellishment to make it really special. A little fur on the hem of the sleeves; lots of pearls drip from the shoulders of a narrow tweed dress. For the dolly version of the Chanel dress (the opening photo), I ended up making two. The first one I lined which proved to be a huge mistake. The fabric was thick and even though I used China silk for the lining, the end result lacked the long, lean essence of the original look, even when I tried it on the skinniest of dolls (the Barbie Model Muses). I started again, this time without the lining. I fitted it to conform to Dorian's body, added more length at the hem and designed a wide belt that was similar in style to the original.

Nite to Day
Another black and white theme where black dominates and white is used as an accent color. Noteworthy: long gloves and pants with high waists!

Brilliant Idea
Yes, there is an abundance of black and safe, neutral tones this season. So when color is used, it comes in big, bright tones like fuchsia, mandarin orange or royal blue.

Easy Does It
There is a loosening of body strangling silhouettes. Coats, coat dresses, tops and skirts are cut with enough volume to glide over the body. What this means for you....fewer darts to think about when cutting this look for your doll. If your eye has problems adjusting to these new shapes--consider a narrow belt to mark the waistline! Note: Longer hemline lengths!

This is a story of color and texture that takes its hint from the sky encountered at night and the wee hours: "White witches" fog that enwraps a figure out for a midnight stroll, the twinkle of the stars above....consider sheer knits and sequins while at the fabric store!

Grace pulls off the look in her dolly version which includes a sequined jumpsuit and a black crepe bolero jacket. She insisted on the hat which added an extra swag.

Angel Food
Soft, glamorous and graceful, it's like fashion that floated down from the heavens. Tulle, silk, chiffon in white, light beige or blush...again, this is a look that promises to be very popular. Fit and flare silhouettes reign supreme. Dress your doll like the princess that she is!!!

Black Swan
Same principal, but in this case, the look fades to black for a more dramatic effect. Noteworthy here...fabrics with embellishments and skirts that flare out over the hips.

More regal looks, simplified for modern day tastes, look for more bare shoulder styles and looks with lush embellishments or accessories.

For Samantha, we took a square of taffeta and crushed it to her upper torso, then added "straps" of ribbon.
For Monica, the look began with a strapless sheath dress. We added a bit of heavy cotton lace trim from the top of the bust to the neck then topped it off with a bit of faux fur around the neck.

I will admit, I am intrigued by this silhouette. Curvy Barbie seems to have inspired other doll makers like Robert Tonner who just introduced a line of curvy 16" Tonner dolls and fashion designers including Balmain who have cut clothes to give the illusion of more voluptuous hips! To get this look, I padded Roshumba's little hips with cotton balls and tape, then draped a basic sheath dress pattern, tapering in towards the hem, directly on her in muslin. The straps and pocket flaps were added afterwards.

Fashion month is now over and having looked over the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris, here's a quick summary of what you should be making for your dolls. Hemlines are getting longer. Silhouettes have loosened up as looks, for the most part, are less fitted and more fluid. There are still some narrow pants, but all in all, pant silhouettes are getting wider. Typical for a Fall/Winter season, consider the eternal neutrals: black, white and grey, though a pop of color here or a muted blush tone there provide more eye opening alternatives. Where accessories are concerned...if you can only make your dolls one item.. let it be a wide belt!!!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these proposals. Great outfits. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you, Marta. There were lots of really nice trends this season. I made 6 of them but I could have done more! Happy you enjoyed this. See you soon.

  2. Beautiful <3 You are very talented designer :)

  3. Piękne fasony, materiały i modelki!
    Pozdrawiam bardzo serdecznie!

    1. Olla wrote: Beautiful styles , materials and models !
      Best wishes!

      Thank you Olla. This season yielded many styles that were most inspiring! Big hugs.

  4. I really like that Angel Food Valentino dress with the feathers! Great post.

    1. Thank you, Chris. Truth be known..I had wanted to do the Valentino dress you like. But I could not find anything close to the golden feathers on the face of the dress.

  5. I remain in complete awe of your talent.

  6. I love your team working at the shows! He always chooses the most beautiful creations!

  7. Thank you Pikulina. My team is very smart. They know whatever they choose, they will get to wear. So yes, they have very good taste!!!


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