Saturday, June 11, 2016

World Doll Day 2016

Today is World Doll Day. However you will not find a special post here.

Last year, some of us in the blogosphere, marked the occasion by answering an online survey where we were encouraged to name our favorite doll along with the reason. Well, I tried to answer this as best I could, but my dolls because enraged when they got hold of it. They felt it was insensitive of me to single out a few new dolls especially when others had been here for a number of years.

They vowed to take over the event and organize it themselves. So, this year, I gave them a couple laptop computers and a few smart phones and turned them loose!
Since I was not allowed to vote, nor to take the pictures.....I cannot post too much of their work on this blog. Instead I will invite you to check out their World Doll Day special event at

But be warned! It is very long. They kept adding on all kinds of silly categories. Their photos are boring. (What can you expect when it's dolls taking pictures of other dolls! (Clearly the photographer did not have a good hand with dropping in backgrounds.) And the writing.....well.....miniscule fingers typing on a miniscule MacAirbook.....what can you expect!!!

In the meantime, we've prepared a new tutorial which will be posted almost immediately after this message!

Happy World Doll Day!

Pssssst. Spoiler alert. Grace won Top Doll!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful as always! Thank for sharing too.

  2. Happy World Doll Day! Gorgeous outfits!

    1. Thank you, jSarie. Hope your dolls also had a happy World Doll Day, as well!

  3. Rewelacyjny pomysł na post! Bardzo mi się spodobał! Lalki przejmują pisanie bloga?! Kto wie, jak to się dalej potoczy...
    Piękna Laureatka!

    1. Olla wrote: Great idea for your post! I really liked it ! Dolls take over writing a blog ?! Who knows how it will turn out further ...

      Hahahahaha....Oh Olla.... I have quite a bunch of mischievous dolls. They are fabulous models but with little minds of their own! And they are not afraid to share their point of view with the world!! Stay tuned!!!!

  4. In all fairness, they ARE all gorgeous :) Happy World Doll Day!

    1. Yes they are. But I didn't have enough tiaras and trophies for everybody.

  5. Good idea! Your dolls look so wise and reasonable (not like my crazy Asha), soo I think they can create great posts on your blog ;-) Greetings!


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