Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Majesty of Dior in Miniature (Part II)

This is part two of my article, “The Majesty of Christian Dior, Grandeur Nature.” If you have not yet seen the first post, scroll down and take a look it first then return to this page.

Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams is such a visual treat. Just as I thought, “It doesn’t get better than this,” I ventured into a room lined with a series of “tableaux”—a sort of collage or collection of garments, hats, shoes, jewelry, illustrations, photographs under glass,  all grouped by color. What caught my eye was the inclusion of….Petit Theatre de Dior! Modeled after the original, “Theatre de la Mode” a collection of miniature Haute Couture garments created in 1946-47, used as a sort of  “trunk show” to lure customers abroad back to French couture after the war. Three years ago, Dior had the idea to create its own miniature “traveling show” which premiered in Chendgu China. The show retraced the early iconic Dior dresses as well as newer models created by the current art direction.The mannequins are roughly 1/3 human scale and the garments undergo all of the same, precise, rigorous standards of their full scale counterparts.

That means, cotton toiles are created prior to the final garments, all of the finishing is perfect right down to the most minute detail and even the embroidery with its miniscule beads and stitches is applied employng the same 18th century techniques of the regular ateliers. As you know, working small is tedious, if not difficult….which makes these garments even more precious.

As soon as I saw how many garments were included and the level of detail involved, my attention quickly turned to every single tiny dress, suit and coat. I photographed EVERYTHING! The problem, of course, is that these garments are so well made, absolutely identical (no short cuts) to the full size originals……you cannot see they are miniature in my photos! You will even think you have seen many of these in my prior post. HOWEVER….as you gaze at these pictures, keep in mind they are 1/3 the size of the originals. Each mannequin stands about 18 inches (43cm) off the ground and is about 4 inches wide from shoulder to shoulder. It’s bigger than our Barbies (and even our Tonners), but when you consider each one is perfectly constructed, lined and finished……it still remains a wonder!

Recent design by the current designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior

Our tour comes to a glorious finale at “Versailles.”

The exhibition ends in the lavish setting of the Museum’s nave, transformed into a ballroom using lights projected onto the walls to simulate the ambiance of the Chateau. It is the perfect setting for the sumptuous ball gowns, some of which have been worn by famous women (and faithful clients) including Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Tailor, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence.

If you are coming to Paris, this is a MUST-SEE event. But be warned--The lines are still very long, so it is best to reserve a ticket on line.

Christian Dior, Designer of Dreams
Musee des Arts Decoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
Entrance: 11 Euros
Special opening hours for the Dior exhibit: Tues-Fri 11am-6pm/Thurs open until 10pm, Sat-Sun until 7pm)

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  1. Stroke perfectly refined, superbly finshed. The exhibition is brilliant. Unfortunately, I can not watch live.

    1. Dlubaniny, I'm so happy you've enjoyed these two posts. Knowing that many of you would not be able to see this exhibition live is what prompted me to post so many photos.

  2. Dior's creations are endless inspiration. They are perfect... Every single one of them. Your versions are wonderful - I'm not sure wich I like best. I thought the first (white) one, but than I saw red and green... They are so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Karmelia. When I started this blog, it was with the idea of helping collectors make real fashion for their dolls. But in able to do this, it's necessary to look for inspiration and there's no better source than Dior. I'm so happy you enjoyed these two posts.

    2. Yes, a lot. :) Thank you again! :)

  3. Wow I lost my eyes already <3 Dior creations are amazing and your too <3 <3 hugs

    1. Thank you, Urszula. While I was in the presence of such beautiful clothes, I realized this was a rare opportunity. So after I finished walking through the exhibition, I dared to walk around it for a second time as if to soak up as much beauty as possible!

  4. These miniature creations are works of art, all of them :-). Thank you for sharing these pictures, so it's a bit as if we are there too! A wonderful post!!!

    1. M&F. I am so happy you and others enjoyed this as much as I did. The full scale dresses were gorgeous, but the miniature versions were like precious jewels. I tried to study each one and lock their memory in my head. If you have a Pinterest account, you can look up Petit Theatre de Dior and find not only photos but a few pix showing dresses in the process of being made.

  5. Fascynujące, wspaniałe i piękne! Jedyne, co mogę napisać to to, że wszystko jest zachwycające! Te detale, szczegóły, jakość wykonania! Cudne! Och... gdybym choć w połowie umiała tak szyć....
    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie!

    1. Olla wrote: Fascinating, wonderful and beautiful! The only thing I can write is that everything is delicious! These details, details, quality workmanship! Cudne! Oh ... if I was half asleep ...
      Olla, I totally agree with you. This had to be one of the best exhibitions ever! I'm so happy I could share it with everyone here.

  6. Fascynujące, wspaniałe, piękne! Te detale, szczegółowe wykonanie - rewelacja! Nie umiałabym wybrać najpiękniejszą kreację, bo każda jest ta jedyna i niepowtarzalna!
    Och...gdybym choć w połowie umiała tak szyć....
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

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