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Dolls Eye View: Paris S/S 2020 Fashion Trends

As expected, Paris had something for everybody. It wasn’t as « pretty » as the Milan collections, but there were plenty of ideas, no matter where your esthetic sensitivities lay. This is a very large report, so much so, we decided to present it in two parts. For this, part one, we look at the somewhat edgier side of Paris style. Much of this does not look like spring as there is lots of « Parisian » black!!! The girls were more intrigued by the designers’ ideas presented. But don’t worry. If this is not your cup of tea, stick around for part 2 when the classics return!

For this group, the design isn’t really all that extraordinary. It’s more about the material involved. A leather dress, a bustier and pencil skirt that puts skin to skin... we liked the simplicity of silhouette and the richness of the leather.
Again, we all loved the simplicity of the garments spelled out in soft, supple leather. For the doll versions, no need for all of the seams. (It's there in the full scale dresses due to size of the pelts in relation to the pattern pieces.)

Power Play
This is about the power of a jacket and trousers drenched in the color black. It’s the pantsuit in its purist form presented in everything from leather to sequins. 

For Margot, we chose a classic leather power suit: blazer and straight-legged trousers.
Graphic Language
We take black and cut it with white—whether expressed in color blocking or etched in stripes—for an eye popping contrast. 

Boyz Club
Men’s into women’s wear, androgynous dressing, or transgender mode—it’s all about mixing it up by looking in monsieur’s closet and putting your own spin on things. The man’s jacket can be cut away to expose its girly side. And who knows, sometimes HE might invade HER closet for a most unusual look.

Noor was quite intrigued by what first appears to be a jacket over slim Jim pants with cut-aways over the hips. In actuality, this really appears to be a jumpsuit. In order to bring this to life for Noor, I created this in two pieces: the top (which closes in the back) which is attached to waistband, also holding up the trousers at the center point. I added in another « faux waistband » to give the illusion of the cut-outs over the hip bone! Originally I did not add this waistband in. The overall look was VERY sexy—a little too much for Noor’s taste! So we decided to adhere more closely to the original look!

Edge of Night
This is really a walk on the wild side where punk, Goth and an assortment of looks with a hard edge reside. Most are wearable except for the one look Anna chose!

We were both quite intrigued by the way this « bondage » look wrapped around the torso. I cannot image the human version (unless the straps are attached to a flesh tone foundation) because the slightest gesture would result in milady completely falling out of the top! Anna has a very tiny body with almost no bust.  I made this in two parts: top and pants. The fabric is stretch and the straps over the front are attached to a solid back bodice. This was fun for the pix, but I’m not so sure she’ll get much wear out of this outfit1 

Soft Serve
Another edgy theme, largely based on the exotic esthetics of Japanese avant garde. More art than fashion, all of the ribbons, the handkerchief points, the cut-outs make for a very interesting conversation. 

With a Twist!
Here are basic styles with at least one element that is slightly askew. It can be a top where one side falls off the shoulder in a twist, or perhaps a simple black sheath given a jolt with a twist of color!

Upon close inspection, the original dress looks as if it might be part bra, part asymmetrical gown. For Noor’s version, I cut the dress in one piece and changed the colors of the insets to something more interesting: fusha and mandarine orange. I used ribbon for those insets and decided (in contrast to the original), to let the ribbon stream down the back of the gown.

We are not finished yet with Paris. I have few more outfits to finish. Paris Part 2 should be up in a few days!  Afterwards, the girls have decided to stay in Paris for a little rest & relaxation. They’ll be reporting on the sights and events around the City of Lights!

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  1. I love the Hermes leather, everything in Power Play, the Lanvin white cape/jacket and black shorts and ... I could go on. Your dolly versions are gorgeous and I particularly like that you explain how you create the look, you‘ve make me think about how clothes are put together. Karen

    1. Thank you so much Karen, for your kind words. I've always loved and followed French fashion, even when it's not at its best. Inasmuch as I majored in fashion design in college and evenutally taught in design schools, I tend to disect fashion to figure out how it is made. After working as a journalist for a nu,ber of years, I tend to do the same thing where it comes to analyzing catwalk shows as well. If you liked this report, you're going to love the next one!

  2. I think this is my favourite report from this year's fashion weeks. I love the last one you created, it's better than the original. The original colors are quite "meh", but you made it stand out. The one with cutouts on the hips looks great too.
    I'm looking forward to read part 2

    1. Thank you so much. I totally agree with you. Sometimes the outfit is nice but the colors or fabrics are just boring. I always try to start off with the original design but will alter it to suit my own taste and likes if needed. The advantage I have is the fact that for years I was present at many of these shows and I remember when the styling was better. So I tend to add back in or change things that seem to be missing in accordance to the things I remember from the past.

  3. Loving the leather suit! Great job!

    1. Thank you. You can never go wrong with a leather suit. And it's so much more special in dolly scale!

  4. Uwielbiam nieregularność w strojach, choć sama jestem dość systematyczna i wolę poprawność w działaniu i stylach. Skórzane ubrania prezentują się bardzo dobrze. Marynarka i proste spodnie w czarnym kolorze (na Twojej modelce) wyglądają wprost zachwycająco! Brawo!

    1. Olla wrote:
      I love the irregularity of the outfits, although I am quite systematic myself and I prefer correctness in action and styles. Leather clothes look very good. Jacket and simple pants in black (on your model) look simply stunning! Bravo!

      Thank you so much, Olla for the wonderful compliments. Like you, I tend to choose garments that are interesting, sometimes complex...even though it may take more time to complete. I think it is more interesting for me and my friends who visit this page. Thank you again.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for your kind words. So happy you enjoyed this post, Dlubaniny.

  6. I really like this collection. Simple but full of inspirations. :)
    The last dress, the twisted one - is so much better in your version!

  7. Wow. So much to look at. And your work is masterful. No matter how many times I have seen your designs, I am still in wonder!


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