Friday, December 3, 2021

Thierry Mugler Couturissime

Me and the girls are back from Paris where we took a little time to rest and recharge our creative batteries. The highlight of our trip....Thierry Mugler Couturissime, now on through April 24,2022 at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. 

If you were in fashion in the 1980's, Paris was the place to be. Many of the legendary greats including Yves Saint Lauren, Emanuel Ungaro, Courreges, Pierre Cardin, Hubert de Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld and even Mme. Gres, were still alive and captivating audiences with their catwalk shows. But hot on their their heels was a movement of young designers otherwise known as the "Createurs de Mode" ushered in an exciting new era dominated by the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Claude Montana, Kenzo and....Thierry Mugler.
Combine science fiction with the movie idols of the 1930's and you've got the look of the "darling of Paris fashion" as Mugler was affectionately called back in the 1980's. Shoulders of mammoth proportions, the waists drawn in to the point of breathlessness and when the hair, makeup, sets and special effects are added, the end result had all the drama and splendor of a Hollywood motion picture. "I like strong women," Mugler was quoted as saying. "Strength is a very important feeling for me, but I suppose my inspiration, or some of it, comes from the woman in the street, the theater or from traveling." His women were "femmes fatales" who like to make a grand entrance. 

While strolling through the exhibition, I was delighted to see the inspiration for Integrity Toys' armor for the "Mothership" doll! 

Mixed in with 140 garments are snippets of videos from his 1980's and 90's catwalk shows. This exhibition took me back to a time when fashion presentations were on par with pop concerts. It was a time when models were drop dead gorgeous and really knew how to show off clothes right down to the fingertips of their bejeweled gloves. It was a time when the time "createur" was synonymous with out-of-this-world genius creativity in the purest sense.

And now, ladies and gentlemen.....on with the show!!!

And how can we talk about Thierry Mugler without rocking to the beat of a George Michael video!!!

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  1. In 1980 I was born 😂😂😂.
    Amazing these outfits.

    1. LOL!!!! Well fashion certainly has a past, a present and a future!!!! Indeed, the outfits are amazing from an amazing era in fashion. Glad you enjoyed this post.

  2. Hello April, I'm so sorry to see my first post didn't show up, Blogger is playing tricks on us these days.
    First of all, welcome home and secondly thank you for sharing Thierry Mugler's exhibition with us. These models look very futuristic for the time and which remain futuristic today. As they say, it never goes out of fashion. I would like to try to make similar models, but I do not know how to use this material, it would be difficult to make his models that look like armor with fabric. But it is always inspiring to give us artistic ideas.

  3. not forget that I have "post moderation" activated. That means that it is sent to me for approval to post before you see it posted! I had to do that because I had many problems with spammers leaving links to lewd websites!
    Many of the Thierry Mugler loks are based on a very curvy silhouette. Many of his jackets had peplums and were worn over very tapered skirts. The elaborate costumes in most of my photos have a lot of detail. The body armor on my doll is actually a piece created by a designer for Integrity Toys. It is a die-cast piece of metal that has been given a layer of chrome. It is actually comprised of two pieces (front and back) that fit over the body and are joined together at the sides with magnets! I did attempt to make something similar using aluminum tape, but the result is not as sleek and very different. Still, it was fun. A tres bientot!

  4. R.I.P to a legend! He and his talent will be sorely missed

    1. I was heartbroken when the news broke about the passing of this icon. But I do feel extremely fortunate that I was able to see this show and share it with all of you.

  5. Linda, this was soo much fun to revisit. Seeing these clothes up close and personal was such a treat. It also brought me back to a time when fashion was so much more gorgeous and glamorous. Glad you enjoyed this post.


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