Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ken's Eye View: Spring/Summer 2014 French Menswear

Richard in Rick Owens inspired shirt from the Summer '13 collection.
One day my father walked into my room and asked, "Why aren't there any male dolls here." I explained that creating menswear is difficult enough, but making miniature versions of men's clothes that are credible is nearly impossible. At least that is what I thought until I saw the most recent menswear collections. "Hmm, I could do that," I thought. Though it was not my initial mission to create clothes for Ken, after looking at the recent trends and consulting with a very good friend, I decided it was time to open the door and let the Ken in.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would introduce you to Richard, the creative director in charge of steering me in the right direction for Ken's trends here. As in the case of me and the women's clothes, everything Richard has chosen for this trend report are things he would wear himself. And I must say, After creating these very unorthodox shirts, I must say, Ken never looked so good.
Here's Lee in a Fall '14 Rick Owens inspired shirt.

Richard and I discussed the recent collections and all of the wild prints and silhouettes. We both agree...the catwalk is simply to pass the designer's message along. Most guys will buy one very special piece (a super shirt or a special jacket, for example) then wear it with an existing pair of jeans or trousers.

Next spring look for lots of prints, bright colors and radical experimentation with silhouettes that push the limits. And if some of those skirts and drawstring pants look strange to you, take a close look at the baggy street wear the kids are currently wearing. The catwalk looks are not that much different than those super loose, crotch-to-the-knees garments.

Today, we present Richard's favorite picks from the French menswear collections for Spring 2014. In a later posting, we'll show you how to get started creating clothes for Ken beginning with a shirt. Hint: start by using his original clothes as a base to create basic patterns. Consult my posting, "Trace of Style" for directions as how to do this.
Richard favors the boldness of graphics and color blocking.

Going to the extremes: wide and loose or short and narrow.

Color blocking feels just right.
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Variations of the classic white shirt are always a way to make a statement.

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