Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blues Brothers

As summer draws to an end, the guys are busy looking for fashions to carry them from late summer to early Fall.

Blue is not only a big trend, it's a color that lends an air of cool sophistication that works from day to evening. Here are three looks that are not only classy, they are easy to make for that special plastic guy in your life.

Richard's coat (inspired by Dior Homme Fall '13) made of navy cotton backed vinyl, was made using the shirt pattern we created in an earlier post. I simply squared off the (originally curved) hem, then extended by an additional 2.5-inches. The buttons are tiny "brads" that resemble buttons. (Poke a hole, pop them in, then spread out the wings.)

Zak's royal blue suit was inspired by the Lanvin Summer '14 catwalk show. I used a cloth napkin which has the look of linen. The pattern was made from the post "Such a Good Sport (Jacket)." In this case, I cut a front facing (retracing the shoulder neck point, around the neck and down the front ending after the curve at the front of the jacket) so that the lapels would be cleaner. After stitching this to the front jacket piece, cut diagonally across the top edge, then turn right side out, pulling out the lapel point and press well. This only works if the fabric is thin and can be pressed flat. As usual, I used iron-on interfacing but it was cut away so as NOT to include the part of the front that will be folded back as the lower lapel.

For Lee's outfit (inspired by Raf Simon's Fall '13 collection), I made the "sweater" from a man's dress sock. We've already created a sweater, however this one is fitted and has a turtleneck collar. I draped the body on the doll, tracing his torso with pins then marking them.
In this case, You can either create a turtle neck from a rectangle of fabric you stitch on afterwards, or you can create a "funnel" so that the collar is in one piece. Whatever you decide, he will not be able to get in and out of his sweater unless you figure in a center back seam. My doll's sweater closes on the center back seam with hook and eyes. It's not perfect, but it's a quick and easy way to get the look and get the doll out of the outfit.

Psssssttttt. The girls on the move again! They're in New York all next week. Stay tuned!!!!

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  1. hi sweetie I am going through all your patterns (still discovering :)) but it appears that I cannot open the "CAPE" maybe the link is broken some how
    just want to let you know

    1. Thank you, Dom, for directing my attention to that. As soon as I can connect with my laptop, I'll do a relink. So happy to welcome you here! Big hugs.


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