Friday, November 15, 2013

Ace Hardware (Jewelry)

I have the utmost respect for those artists who create miniscule baubles for Barbie. And while I absolutely LOVE the upscale look of it all, I find myself craving for something more contemporary, more urban. What that means today are lesser materials. For this exercise I have chosen to send you to the hardware store.

Stroll down the aisle with the plumbing supplies and you'll find rubber rings of all sizes to stop that leaky faucet. Surprise!!! It also makes for some really cutting edge jewelry for dolly which compliments those leather looks you've just created.

These rubber rings come in a variety of diameters. One quick slit with a razor is all it takes to get them around the doll's neck or wrists. Stack several sizes together for an "African" choker. (You can glue the edges at the back if you want to make the stack more permanent. And even wrap with wire for a "designer" look.

Stack a few small ones together for bangles.

Take one rubber joint and give it a spark by addding sterling eye-rings (jewelry findings).

Or, head to another aisle and add a few nuts and bolts to her look!

Now it's time to put the pedal to the metal for another inexpensive look. After the holiday dinner is over and the pies are all but a memory; don't be too quick to throw away that aluminum pie tin! Let's make something modern.....

Start out by using a piece of cardboard to plan your pattern. For her necklace this is a simple strip of pie tin foil slashed on both sides. Don't even worry about closures as it will stay in place!

Same thing for the belt. Plan this in carboard until you have the shape you want' then cut out in foil.

Take a tiny bit of what's left over to make a cuff bracelet. With a pin, puncture it to give it texture and voila, your doll is ready to roll!

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Coming up next: the girls head off to see the Azzedine Alaia exhibit!

A bientôt!


  1. You are a genius. I never even looked at these rubber rings, but it turns out they are really pretty.

  2. Thank you both for the kind words. I'm always looking for those unexpected items that can be easily be transformed into fashion items.

  3. I have these rubber rings. I got them at the dollar store. Had no idea what to do with them until now. I knew they'd be good for something one day.


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