Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to make slopers for the fashion doll Pt.1 (VIDEO)

Last year, when I began this blog, I posted tutorials on creating basic slopers. The hope was that those "basic blocks" would facilitate my visitors in following along with all of the other posts. I realize that this is virgin territory for many of you who are just getting started in the adventure of making doll clothes. So for all of you, who could use a little more help, I've created this series of, "How to make slopers for the fashion doll."
Though I feature mostly 11-1/2 to 12" dolls in this blog, the same instructions can be applied to any size doll! In fact, I created slopers for my 16" Tonner dolls using the same method!

Here, we begin with Part I: Measuring the doll for slopers.


  1. Hi April, this is a wonderful tutorial, very well made, I'm looking for the next instalments, this is wonderful for self taught amateurs like me!!!!

  2. Thank you Billa. If you look on the side you'll see Video Tutorials which will lead you to everything I've done thus far. I've embedded them in the original step-by-step postings. (Not sure how this one popped up by itself.) The videos take longer to produce than the photo tutorials. But hopefully, this will make it a bit easier for everyone to follow along. The bodice is already up and I will be adding the skirt shortly. In time, there will also be videos for the trouser sloper as well as the basic foundation.


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