Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mini Oscars 2014

As usual, the Oscars provides a good source of inspiration for the spectacular eveningwear. What we have noticed is that bling bling is out and understated elegance is in.

Fashion Doll Stylist would like to congratulate Lupita Nyong'O for having won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress in this year's Academy Awards. As we have come to expect, Lupita appeared dressed impeccably in a frothy, pleated gown drenched in "Narobi" blue.

This dress looked spectacular on the young actress. The real secret in making a dolly version lies in the choice of the fabric. Admittedly, this was a challenge. First I tried pleating the fabric myself, however, the pleats were totally out of scale and the dress was anything but "frothy like champagne." Finally I took apart an old camisole made of a miniscule pleated sheer. And voila, I arrived at a similar look.
The girls also loved the red Christian Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence. I used a strapless sheath dress then added the two gathered panels on either side of the front darts. 

My favorite dress of the evening is this Alexander McQueen worn by Sandra Bullock. Again, I began with a simple strapless sheath then added two panels to the front which I then draped and stitched in place.

Kelly Washington looked stunning in this Jason Wu, a gown modified to accommodate Ms. Washington's blessed state. For this non-pregnant version, I began with a basic foundation underneath, then took a rectangle of sheer fabric, folded it in half then pinched it at the bust. It is attached to the foundation with tiny stitches.

And again, I loved this very simple black Valentino dress worn by Olivia Wilde. My model, Anna has the non-pregnant version. For this I cut out of a fine silk jersey and added a triangle of fabric to the back seam to create a train.
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  1. I was looking forward for this FDS! It's incredible how you managed to do Lupita's dress, and I felt you would have chosen the Dior's dress! I also liked very much Kate Hudson's Versace as it was reminiscent of some 30's gowns (Jane Harlow comes to mind) but I think it was impossible to scale for a 12"doll.
    You did a wonderful job on the Alexander McQueen model. Great choices!

  2. Thank you Billa. But I will tell you, Lupita's dress was such a challenge because I didn't have the right fabric at my fingertips. The pattern is super easy. A simple bodice fits in over a full circle skirt. Without the right fabric it is impossible!! The number one constraint of many styles being translated into dolly proportions, is fabric.

  3. Hello! You made lovely miniatures of the real dresses. I like them all! Nymphaea

    1. I just found this blog and I should be doing my sunday chores like washing the kitchen floor and finishing the wash but I cant' move away from your blog ! I love love your tips like using glue for the hems and shoulders and remembering my poor mother swearing up a storm trying to sew my Barbie clothes and saying it was harder than doing people clothes (she was a seamstress). I have modest sewing skills but I have no pattern making skills but I'm eating up all your tips on how to make your own. This is just so terrific, thank you.

  4. ps Your blog is a work of art in its own right!


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