Friday, October 3, 2014

Doll's Eye View: Paris Spring/Summer '15 Pt.1

As with all seasons, fashion month ends on a high note in Paris. The official calendar was nine days long. Unofficially, the week is slightly longer thanks to young designers trying to make their way to the forefront of the style industry. This "week" is so big, so supercharged with gorgeous clothes, outrageous (but beautifully handcrafted) concepts and everything in between, I am forced to divide this report into two parts.

What distinguishes Paris fashion from the other markets is the strong feminine sensitivity that permeates much of the clothing designed here. We saw many very pretty clothing which will easily translate into clothes for your divas.

 We also look for modern day versions of great classics. Creative twists on familiar styles.

These are easy, breezy summer cottons with lots of flirty volume. They take their cue from peasant dresses. Crocheted doilies, frayed linens, sheer cotton voiles, all embellished with laces or bits of vintage embroidery.

Simplicity with a twist. An urban palette, these outfits are drenched in earthy tones of sand, clay, sky blue, concrete grey. Silhouettes are uncomplicated, layered, long and lean.
 What would summer be without a vacation to a far away land. Exotic prints from the Far East instantly jazzes up simple shapes. Note the A-line tent dresses and larger trousers!

It's the 2015 version of the 1960's all in vibrant colors and patterns. Again, note how simple the shapes are. Tent dresses and shifts. Simple tops and skirts or pants in acid toned blocks of color!
 And while we're having fun with the 60's..... It's all origami and waffles for these Japanese Barbie Girls!!!

The black and white theme we saw in New York and Milan, is alive and vibrant in the French capital. Here, it's translated into flirted little silhouettes with bold graphic prints. This is a situation where the style is all about the sharp, smart fabric.

And of course, there are lots of "grown up" styles for sophisticated divas. What we enjoy about Paris is there are many variations on the original theme. We love the asymmetrical antics of Yohji and Gaultier, the soft skirts of Chalayan and the leggings under the pleated skirt suit of Chanel.
The wonderful part of this market is the presence of bright, bold COLOR!!! Tangerine, cherry, or watermelon, it's a hot, tangy look for day or night.

Our eyes are so accustomed to skinny jeans, we thought it important to show the latest trends in pants. While the narrower versions are still around, larger pants are making a really big statement next summer. The rule seems to be..the bigger the pants the smaller the top. Note the great, big pants from Leonard worn with a tiny bra top!

Next summer is about effortless dressing. The wrap...worn a dress, jacket or coat is another big trend. Silhouettes overlap and are held in place with a small belt. The Hermes dress above is a great big T-shaped garment that slips over the held and is belted on the hips. The key to making these looks work for the doll is in the choice of fabric.

White is a way to brighten fancy night time affairs especially when they have this much sass and class. Long, sleek jackets are worn over lean straight trousers. But the girls were especially attracted to the fettuccine dresses whose fringe resembles fabric run through an old fashioned paper shredder!

We are not finished with fashion week quite yet! Stay tuned to our Doll's Eye View of Paris Fashions Part II!!!!

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  1. I LOVE the Marant and Clohe dresses, and those blue trousers by Leonard!!!
    You did a great job on the Givenchy and Clohe dresses!
    kisses Billa

  2. Thank you, Billa. The Chloe dresses seem like a natural for Barbie. I made a slight change to the silhouette from the original which I feel flatters the doll's figure a bit more. I started to do the Marant dress as well as one of the Hermes dress, but I didn't have just the right fabric on hand. Part II, which follows, has lots more streamlined looks. Lots of great looks in Paris!!! Big hugs, April.


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