Friday, September 26, 2014

Doll's Eye View: Milan Spring/Summer '15 Trends

 What I love about Italian fashion is that, for the most part, it is pure style. Silhouettes are uncomplicated and designed to flatter the woman's figure. Fabrics and details are what separate one season from the other. With contemporary Italian fashion, there are a few flights of fancy....just for the fun of it. But all in all, the Italians keep in mind that clothes should underscore the beauty of the wearer.

 Remember the paper gladiator group we made earlier this summer? A version of that look--bejeweled golden corsets-- surfaced in Dolce et Gabbana's collection for next summer!
And then there was that show put on by Moschino, inspired by......Barbie!!! How ironic that here at Fashion Doll Stylist, we are inspired by human clothes when dressing our Barbies. And for this edition, we emulate an outfit inspired by Barbie for humans but present it on a Barbie!!!!
 For this group, think pink, uber girly style with flirty skirts, bubble gum tone suits and dresses and simple 1960's Carnaby Street silhouettes.

We loved the crisp, white looks of washed cotton, white cotton lace for day and etched satin and devore dresses for warm nights. Again, silhouettes feature simple, body skimming dresses that are easy to wear on hot summer days.
Here again, are super feminine looks cut from eyelet or cotton laces, sheers with lace appliques or embroidery in soft, fleshy boudoir colors. And while we're still seeing short lengths, hemlines that flirt with the knees or drop down to "tea length" provide a distinctive romantic touch to these pretty summer dresses.
Borrowing their colors and patterns from the great outdoors of the Grand Canyon, here, we reminisce the good ole days of 1970's western fashions. Lots of fringe, leathers with details, denim patchwork silhouettes with lots of etching, appliques and fringes. The Pucci dress can be made with a handkerchief! And don't forget strappy sandals, purses with fringe.
 Out of that same era came the bold plaid. But for next summer, there are many modern variations of stripes and plaids. Again, note the longer hemlines.

 It's not as if summer is void of color. On the contrary, color is everywhere from a single monochromatic color scheme to whole garments inscribed with bold splashes of color or even...poster prints of country landscapes...the message is to have fun. Don't worry about scale. Anything goes as long as you keep the silhouettes simple.
 A more urban theme, here a more subdued palette of earth tones define sophisticated city looks. Colored reptile embossed fabrics work well for early spring suits, while longer, more draped blouses, tops and dresses are the easiest way to get through city streets in style. For the most part, what you see are silhouettes with lots of built-in movement.

 Crochet will also be big as designers here promote"artisan" styles as a reaction against super simple stretch dresses that have dominated the stores for over two decades. Again, these looks are lovely, easy to wear dresses. Can't crochet? Neither can I whch is why in the lead photo of this post, I used pieces of vintage crochet trim which I stitched together and dyed navy.

 Again, the message is clear.... daywear has lots of swing. The dresses and ensembles are simple enough. But what makes the differences is the choice of material.
 We really like the black leather with cut-out patterns. The garments themselves are super simple which allow the attention to remain on the fabric treatments.

 Bling is kept to a minimum this season. Here the metallic looks were created with silvery satins and lurex as well as reptile embossed effects.

We could not resist the idea of starting off with a basic little dress. then dolling it up with flat rhinestones, pearls and beads!

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Stay tuned!! Fashion week concludes in Paris where the girls have been quite busy running from show to show!


  1. Hi April, I love these fashions. I knew Milan shouldn't disappoint me. In particular I like the white dresses, the jungle and the urban you picked. A lot of ideas for Odette's next travel fashions. I was looking for some inspirantion. I agree with you. I too love the simple lines and the intricated fabrics. These designs are refreshing. The biggest surprise where the D&G's corsets (shure they don't browse your blog? Lol) and Moschino Barbie inspired collection. Nedless to say I love the idea. and D&G models brought fashion dolls ob the catwalk too. Fashion dolls rules!
    kisses Billa

  2. Indeed---Fashion dolls rule!!! It is quite interesting. We try to hard to dress our dolls so they look like humans. And now the humans are imitating the dolls! I, too, laughed when I say the D&G corsets. I know that designers take their inspiration from a wide array of sources. Now if I see more of my doll clothes show up full size on the catwalk, I'll know someone's watching me!!! It's also interesting to see all of the collaborative efforts between doll companies and high fashion, Karl Lagerfeld and Mattel being the most recent. Could fashion dolls be the newest trend in fashion accessories???!!!! Big hugs!

  3. Hi, the fashions you show are totally my taste! Indeed, the corset style looks suspiciously familiar LOL!


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