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Doll's Eye View: Paris S/S '16 Trends Pt. 2

There are some really nice (and wearable) fashions on the runways of Paris, proving once again---fashion week in the French capital has something for everybody. For me it provides an opportunity to reconnect with the classics which work very well with most fashion dolls' styles and personalities. The lines are more simple. The fabrics, noble. Moreover, within this group there were lots of little ideas I found interesting to exploit.

What we noticed throughout Fashion Month was an undercurrent of early '60s styles. A-lines, Tents, 2-Piece dresses, cotton lace, ruffles and super short hemlines all contribute to this new wave of freshness. Moreover, getting the look for your doll is super easy as well!
Here Sandi sports the dolly version of this simple tent dress.

Though there was more than enough black and white looks to go around, color did break through from time to time. And when it did, these deep, sun drenched colors looked best. Note also the story extends to easy to wear pants and jumpsuits with a variety of pant leg styles.

I love the idea of using the scarf as a base for the design of a dress. The basic silk square could be simply wrapped around the waist or suspended from the shoulders. OR....tossed over the shoulders and worn freely draped. OR....grouped with other squares then fashioned into a dress with an asymmetrical hemline. Thrift stores are filled with vintage scarves and pocket squares. This is a concept worth exploration!
Though the original Hermes ensemble was presented in a very casual style, Brie opted for a high fashion version. I cut the stripes off of a cloth belt and attached to a rectangle of white silk. Then, using the one-piece skirt pattern, created the sarong skirt pictured here. The top was made from the basic bodice sloper but without the darts. An extra front panel (black) hangs free from the neckline and one side seam.

Following the scarf group, this is a long, evening length version.

It wouldn't be Paris without the clean classic look of tailored coats and suits. New here: the reappearance of the coat dress. An edgier way to wear a tailored jackets: team it with the micro mini skirt or dress!
Dorian in a fully lined Chanel coatdress!!! A perfect match!

Okay, so we know you don't have access to these prints which is the main story here. But the idea is for you to look for these little "patchwork" prints or something that could substitute for the oversize "digital" print. Again, we see the trend of teaming a classic silhouette with RED stockings!

Pants take center stage next summer. Nothing is off the table when it comes to style. Harem pants, full pajama style pants, the look is easy, breezy and a look that's fun to wear!

Sitting at a café at the Bastille....a district where blue collar workers cross artists; where trendy restaurants stand next to art galleries, an opera house and small businesses. It's also an area known for the eclectic wardrobes of the passers-by. Look for ordinary gear worn with an edgy twist. The mix of leather and tech fabric. Ordinary clothes cut from extraordinary fabric.

Kara is totally cool in her look-alike Saint Laurent. This is an "in your face" look of soft meets hard.  A silver lame slip dress peeks from underneath a black leather blazer. And yes, just like the models on the St. Laurent catwalk....Kara is wearing a hot new accessory on her head----the tiara!

This voyage begins with fabric. Now is the time to look at brocade, silk shantung, embroidered silks in deep, jewel tones. Use them in an all-over look for a suit or dress. OR.....think of mixing a brocade with neutral tones like grey, ecru, navy, or beige! But remember, this fabric tends to be stiff, so you'll want to work in simple silhouettes.

Glamour is back but it's all about the shoulders.. A simple silk dress or sheath cut to the ankles has a bit of drama worked in via a sash that drapes off the shoulders.
Carmela chose a 1/6 scale of the Saint Laurent gown. Her dress is a classic "slip" dress with the added detailing of panels attached to the bra which drape down over the arms.

With that, our trend reports have concluded. There are lots of great ideas worth exploring in detail over the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!!!!

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  1. Bonjour !
    Le manteau Chanel porté par Diana est magnifique. Cela me donne des idées. Merci pour cette nouvelle création.

    1. Shasarignis, Merci pour les gentils mots. Je suis ravi que cela vous inspire!! C'est vrai, Dania est une modele parfait la mode Chanel. Commes dans une agence de mannequin je choisi certains modeles pour porter certains types de vetements!! Donc, elle sera dans la cabine "couture."

  2. Once again your fashion previews are awesome. I want to thank you for the time you put into your posts and for sharing your expertise!

    1. Thank you KMQ.It's wonderful to know this is appreciated. I do enjoy putting these together and this time around, I decided to chose more challenging styles which ultimately help me evolve. (Also, it helped me pass the time away in a productive way throughout my bout with the flu!!!)

  3. Przepiękne fasony i kolory! Świetne zdjęcia! Niesamowite ubranka lalek! Interesujący post!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    1. Olla wrote: The beautiful styles and colors ! Great photos! Amazing clothes dolls ! Interesting post!
      Best wishes!
      Thank you Olla. This was a real pleasure to put together. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hi April, first of all your creations are wonderful! The Chanel coat is so simple and so perfect, and Dorian (great name btw) looks so elegant in it. I love the necklace you added to the ensemble!
    I can see why you divided the posts about Paris' fashion week, and as expected I like these selection better. I'm all for classic lines you know.
    Carmela is simply gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Billa. As you can see, I chose more challenging items and really took my time to finish them well, this season. The clean lines of Chanel seem to marry so perfectly with Dorian. Brie looks more like the typical Hermes customer than the girl on the catwalk. And though St. Laurent's models looked more like they were drugged out, I thought Carmela had the look of the models the couturier (when he was alive) would have chosen for that dress. Just like with the real agencies, my "girls" are in different "cabines": couture models and junior models. Once upon a time, Paris fashion week was divided into three parts: young designers, established edgy "createurs" and pret-a-porter by the couturiers. It was more logical than how things are organized today. By separating the shows into two groups, I think it makes more sense to the reader. (P.S. When I was 17 I lived in ruffles, ribbons and the color pink). As I aged, the lines of my wardrobe grew more simple and favored black, navy and white.)

    2. You did indeed a great job, I was looking again at them and they are simply amazing. I agree with you about the models, you picked the right look for each of them!
      Sometimes I'm still on ruffles and pink......LOL

  5. So I'm going to need you to send me every item you made in this post. They are some gorgeous clothes. Of course the girls would have to throw their names in a hat to get to wear any of them, but they would be happy to do it to get the chance.

    1. LOL!!!! Right now my dolls have gotten so stingy with these fashions, they're giving me dirty looks when they think there might be a possibility of sharing them with the other dolls! Thank you for your kind words. I've been challenging myself on various levels to come out with more and more interesting looks. Some of these looks we'll explore more in detail in the coming months!

  6. First of all: your Chanel coat is exquisite, I LOVE it! This second part post is very inspiring, these looks are also perfect for the dolls! I like all your mini creations as always :-).
    I try to avoid that my dolls look at your posts, because I would not have a second of free time anymore if they read your blog, I would do nothing else than make clothes and more clothes for my ladies LOL!

  7. Thank you, Linda for your kind words. I've been trying to "push the envelope" where the dolly versions are concerned. As such, I have been paying closer attention to the finishing as well as the details. Where your dolls and my blog are concerned... I feel your pain. I have lots of problems over here!!! I have created lots of little fashion monsters who stand around my bed (very stylishly, I must say) each morning waiting for me to get up and make them stuff even when I'm feeling under the weather. Of late, they only want designer wear!! I try to keep my dolls away from the computer while I'm putting the trend reports together but while I'm sleep they are all over the internet with my smartphone, making lists of everything they want next! What's a doll mom to do??!!! LOL!!!

    1. LOL! I can see it before me, hahaha!!!

  8. Love your St. Laurent jacket!

    I'll admit, I'm excited to see some designs in the summer dresses that a real amateur like me can probably tackle -- the Paul & Joe with the big ruffle, the Elie Saab in the same photo, and the triangular Cloe dress look manageable. MH dolls would love the Cloe dress.

  9. Thank you, S-P, I literally beat that St. Laurent jacket into submission!!! I used real leather but sewed it together like fabric. To eliminate the bulk, I glued down the seams, turned down the edges, then I took a hammer to everything and banged it down until it behaved the way I wanted!!! LOL!!! I am VERY happy with it.
    I'm so happy you found some things you feel you can make for your dolls. The Chloe dress is super simple and you can really do that directly on the doll (without a pattern)!!! Enjoy.

  10. Hello from Spain: great outfits. Fabulous looks. I love the pearl necklace. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you, Marta. Glad you enjoyed this post. See you soon.


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