Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Everyday Silver Wear

I come from a generation when fashion was simple. Matte cottons for summer and winter wools for daytime styles while shiny fabrics were ALWAYS reserved for night time occasions. A while back, I did a post on sparkling fashions where the focus was placed on red carpet dresses. The fact is  metallic fabrics have become.....the new "black" in everyday style. This post is not so much a tutorial as it is an exercise in styling. I've kept the text to a minimum as I tell this in photos.

My inspiration came from a Mango (fashion) poster I saw in the Paris metro. Since this is fast fashion with easy elements, I thought putting together this article would be a piece of cake. On the contrary! I had to really figure out what makes this look work without the usual glamming it up. This is a story where fashion is the sum of its parts...where a handful of separates are combined into a bevy of contemporary, super sharp looks that can walk down the street at high noon. I think I did a pretty good job, although I couldn't resist layering shiny on shiny which ultimately produced a few after hours, party looks.
A tone on tone look, Latoya is wearing a silver jumper over a slip dress. Tossed over her shoulders: silver metallic leather bomber jacket. A great party look.

A casual way to wear sequins: team it with washed denim!

But for the most part, by mixing denim in with the metals and using super simple patterns, I ended up with numerous stunning "everyday" looks.
Latoya in her jeans, lame tank top and silver jumper.
The trick to using metallics for daytime is to use less shiny or matte sequins, lames or coated fabrics in deeper shades. For this exercise, I used super simple elements (tank tops, pull-up skirts and camisoles), sometimes paired with a more complicated garment (jeans jacket).
When teamed up with denim, other neutrals, or even other dark shiny fabrics in dark, everything stays very much daywear!

I use very simple elements for this projects. I cut a simple tank top by cutting down the pattern for a basic knit dress. For that pattern click HERE. I also used the pattern for the jeans jacket for both the denim and the silver (leather) versions. That pattern is HERE. I also made a jeans skirt. That pattern is HERE. And for the shorts, I took the jeans (pants) pattern (click HERE) and cut it short, then frayed the edges. I used a 2-way stretch lame for a pair of stretch leggings. I used the pattern for stockings but cut out the feet. You'll find that pattern by clicking HERE. A basic 2 piece pants pattern can also be found HERE.(There's a video at the bottom of that post.) And then there are those mirror glasses....click HERE.

EZ Stretch Skirt.
I did make a couple of EZ items, beginning with a skirt. For this, I had bought mini sequin trim which has a mesh base. There is enough stretch in this skirt to get on to the doll without having to leave an opening at the waistband.
 1. Even though the trim itself is 2.5" (60mm) wide, the sequins only occupy a width of 1.5" (38mm). I decided on a skirt length, then cut only as many strips as needed to stretch around the doll. In this case, I only needed three strips.
2. I butted each segment together sequined edge to sequined edge and stitched each segment together. If you use silver thread, your stitches will be invisible.
3. The hem is simply turned under and hand stitched in place. But I left the top edge flat and stitched on a bit of elastic. So that it would blend in, I painted the elastic using a silver tone paint.
4. The skirt compliments any look including this EZ camisole which I made from a light grey lame sock.

EZ Camisole
1. I cut up a sock and used the fabric for this look. Stretch the knit around the doll's body.
2. Hem the top and bottom edges.
3. Make one seam down the back.
4. Slip on the doll
5. Pinch the fabric in between the doll's breasts with a vertical needle.
6. Add straps. You can either make little straps or you can sew in a bit of embroidery yarn to make "spaghetti straps."

 EZ Sequin Tshirt
1. Again, I used sequin trim for my T-shirt. (This is cheaper than having to buy a half yard of sequin fabric!) I first decide on how long I want my T-shirt. Then I cut 4 small strips of the sequin trim. You can modify the neckline at the center, folding and hemming the edge under.
2. Stitch two of the strips together along the sequin edges for the front. Place on the doll and tape it to her body while you work.
3. Place one of the strips onto the back shoulder of the doll. Lay the front flat over the back. Pin in place.
4. At the side, fold the front over the back and pin in place, leaving an opening for the arm.
5. Again, use silver thread or a grey that comes very close to the shade and tone of the metallic fabric. Clip the excess mesh away at the back. I hand sewed this top using a fine needle. If you use a sewing machine, use fine needles and have spare needles in case one breaks.
6. I wanted my end result of my Tshirt to be loose fitting so it would remain a daywear look.

EZ Jumper

Anna in a silver jumper, lame leggings and black cardigan.
I also made a jumpter which is all in one piece. The metallic fabric I used for this garment had a tendency of pulling apart, so the fewer seams the better.
1. I used my basic slopers, ignoring the darts. I put them armhole to armhole, then drew in my style lines (red).
Latoya's slip dress
2. By flipping this draft and tracing to the other side, I have my little jumper. Again, I didn't want anything specifically "sexy" to keep the look easy and comfortable to wear. I added seam allowances and straps.

You can, of course, use any pattern you want. Admittedly I did make a traditional slip dress (which  I later used for the bottom layer of Latoya's party look.)

Grace in lame tank top and metallic fabric stovepipe pants. Latoya in her lame tank top, silver jumper and indigo jeans and jacket. Anna in silver jumper, cardigan and lame leggings.

Grace looks sterling in silver jumper over a lame tank top, silver leather jeans jacket and metallic stovepipe pants.
For day or for night, silver is the new "black."
Samantha put together the EZ T shirt with the EZ skirt for a sensational 2pc sequin dress!

Sometimes the most precious looks come from fast fashion outlets!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... I love your silver outfits! They are amazing! Especially i love the silver jacket!

    1. Thank you, Aya. I LOVE silver so this was a lot of fun to put together. I would totally wear all of these outfits!

  2. I luv the silver outfits. Especially the ones that Grace & Samantha are wearing.

    1. Thank you JMD. Next to making these silver garments, the next fun thing was mixing them all up to make different looks. Grace and Samantha look great in everything!!!

  3. Piękne, wspaniałe kreacje! Bardzo mi się podoba Grace w spodniach i kurteczce! Rewelacyjny pokaz!

    1. Olla wrote: Beautiful , wonderful creations! I really like Grace pants outfit ! Sensational show !

      Thank you, Olla. Yes, Grace does look stunning in silver. So happy you enjoyed this post.

  4. By the time I reached the end of the post, my comments had changed several times. I will start with Grace in the overall silver look. Amazing! She is giving me Grace Jones all day long in that outfit. Now back to Anna. I love this ensemble. It gave me an idea for Dasia. The next set of shoes I was planning are silver. I can see her in a similar outfit, but I'm thinking of a brown cardigan. The hues in the picture make the color palette look more brown, and I really like that. Of course all the other silver outfits are fabulous, too. If I didn't know better, I would think Dasia called you and requested this post. It is right on time.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa. You know...Dasia does have her ways....I didn't want to squeal, but she did get a message to me via some of my dolls. The silver theme has been on my mind all summer. When I got around to doing it, to my surprise, it took a lot more thought, than I anticipated to get just the right look. Was going for understated without turning into something too glammed up. Can't wait to see your silver shoes.

  5. WoW! Your silver collection is AMAZING! It is better than teh original!

    1. Thank you, Pikulina. It's interesting to start out with an idea that exists in real life and then develop it for the doll. The fun part is when it turns out equal to or better than the original!

  6. I love these outfits. I'm already to make that once piece jumper. I love the idea of less sewing and no darts!

  7. Thank you, Jaye. I know that some of my readers don't sew, so I wanted to feature simple things that are easy to make. But even for more the more experienced, it is, after all...the lazy, hazy days of summer. What I like about these looks is how you can layer a few of these super simple no-dart items and still end up with a great, trendy look!

  8. Love these! Especially the sequined pieces - those do such a great job of catching the light! :)

    1. Thank you jSarie. I was really happy to find sequins that are more in scale to the doll. It really makes a difference. The fact that this is a trim, is even better. It allows you to buy the amount you need, instead of buying a 1/2 yard (or meter)!

  9. Waw ! J'aime beaucoup le choix des tissus et le style choisi pour chaque vêtement. C'est très beau et bien réussi. Bravo !

    1. Merci Shasarignis. J'etais inspire par les affiches Mango situes dans les stations de metro parisien! Souvent aujourd'hui, les vetements de la mode grand public sont plus interessants que les vitrines Haute Couture!!!

  10. The ladies are looking good as usual. I don't mess with sequins to much but I just might in this case.

  11. Hi, what a beautiful silver fashion!!! <3 <3


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