Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ken's Eye View: Men's Fashion Week Fall '14 Part II

After London and Milan, my guys made a dash for Paris for the third and final installment of Men's Fashion Week where Fall/Winter 2014-15 trends were presented. Several major directions emerged that we think will be important.

The supersized coats introduced in the US last year, have finally washed up on the shores of Europe. They range in style from double breasted bathrobe coats to the massive tailored tweed variety worn over roomy suits or sport jackets and trousers.

We saw a little of this in Italy but here in Paris, there are several ways to wear this look. Richard, our guy to the left is wears a grey wool kimono coat with a shawl collar.
Cut in grey tweeds or plaids, they take the wearer to work. When you try this for the doll, be sure to make a muslin (toile) first and add or subtract the volume to suit the doll. 

The mighty blues provide a sporty look for an easy urban, edgy look. For these styles you use the same basic patterns you developed for the Ken doll, but using more daring patterns and prints.

It's the year of the horse which favors bright earth tones. These are easy silhouettes that work as statement pieces. 
Get rid of the pattern but keep the wide volume for a super easy, super smooth silhouette. To pull this off, you will need to get your hands on some good quality wool.

If you can only make a single item your doll let it be anything in leather. Jackets, coats, soft and supple or thick slabs, leather is worn in a variety of styles. Just remember, the thicker the skin, the more simple the style must be.
Remember the shearling jacket we made for Ken, a few posts ago. It's all over the runways! Here, that same jacket is here at Christian Dior Homme!

Young, hip and very much urban, this street style fashion is all black. Leather pants (our guy's pants are cut from a stretch faux leather fabric) and a simple black sweater (cut from black knit) belted, is all Ken needs to pull off this look.

The Rock Star is alive and well and still going strong. Here the basic jacket is cut short to the hips. Get really funky with Ken's jackets by using animal printed fabric.

Or go totally crazy and transform otherwise basic looks with abstract "works of art." This is a fun look to recreate. Use simple cottons or wool, then pull our your paint and express yourself. The model on the far right wears a "blanket" geometric print you could realize using felt squares.

The recent frigid temperatures had a way of bringing out the beast in our fashionista. The message here....Ken can wear the same faux fur you buy for Barbie!. My guy on the left wears a coat from the straight coat pattern featured in an earlier post. I added a bit of scrap around the neck for the collar.

Up next.....The Paris Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014 shows are in full swing and the girls are checking out everything out. We'll be posting their summary in a few days.

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