Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doll's Eye View: London Fashions for Fall 2014

 I have to admit, I've always found the UK market somewhat of a puzzlement. There is a little of this and a little of that and at the end of the day, it's hard to zero in on what the exact trends are. A former colleague of mine always felt strongly about the London shows, explaining that the UK is where "raw," unadulterated fashion begins before it is tempered by the French market and commercialized by the Americans.

Nonetheless, it is the first of three stops in Europe. And we were able to find some interesting things we'd like try out for the dolls.

There is a fair amount of grey and a fair amount of black, as to be expected in any fall/winter collection. However, the British are never content to leave things in tidy little boxes, so you will also find lots and lots of color, pattern and print.
And this is precisely what we love about the British. They have a colorful sense of humor. So that beautifully tailored overcoat may be drenched in a tangy tangerine, so might be the fur jackets with matching trousers. And why not pink or red. Just remember that when you are looking at faux fur. It doesn't always have to resemble the animals you know!
Of course, if dolly find these jackets tacky...(many of my girls do not have a sense of humor!!), you can always opt for shaggy jackets in monotones. If you cannot find a similar faux fur and you know how to knit (which, unfortunately I cannot), you can knit a shaggy coat for dolly. She'll be just as happy!
While on the subject of black and white, I came across these lovely little dresses by Christopher Kane.
I don't know if we can make a version for the doll, but these cuties are so very interesting, I think it's worth a try. Like pages of a book, there are layers of super thin fabric incorporated into the design of the dress.
And then there's John Rocha's black flower garden of dresses we thought were quite interesting as well. When simplified for the doll, it could be quite pretty.
I did say there was something for everyone...including those lean black silhouettes that show a sliver of flesh....or not!
And what would be a trip to London without visiting the art scene. The mumbo-jumbo of pattern, print and interpretative art all played out over a simple dress is the newest way to step out at night.
Even Burberry has gotten into the act by sprucing up class outerwear with doodles from the artist.
Could blue be the new black? Solid, splashed or cut up into a tiny mosaic print, it makes for interesting alternative to black.
And of course, the animal kingdom continues to dominate the night time scene, through the use of spots or scales over a wide variety of textures and fabrics from silk to faux fur and vinyl.
Catch your breath as the girls catch a plane for Italy. Milan Fashion Week is up next!!!
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  1. Too many things!!! but a lot of ideas, I really like the Simone Rocha tartan dress.....

  2. Hopefully, there's a little something for everybody. When I first started reporting on Paris fashion, I saw so many shows in one week, I felt almost brain dead by the end of it all! Throughout the year, I sometimes look back at these pictures to get new ideas for doll clothes or projects.


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