Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doll's Eye View: New York Fashion Week, Fall 2014 Pt.2

As to be expected with a Fall/Winter collection, there is a lot of black. What I really enjoy this time around, is the combination of different blacks, perhaps with a spark of white or another color. For day time, the looks tend to be long and lean with lots of flare.
 Note the accessories. We first saw the cummerbund last season in an outrageous show in Paris. Here, the New Yorkers have fine tuned it, transforming it into a must-have accessory for next Fall. Inasmuch as I am a huge fan of basics, I chose the halter neck sweater over a simple leather pencil skirt.
In another era (1950's) these flared silhouettes were called "trapeze." Today, it is a refreshing, dare I say, more "lady-like" approach to fashion than we've seen in quite awhile.
 There is still a bit of color-blocking effects. But this time, it is largely bold strokes of black with a dash of color stirred in.
We all know our dolls love to "dress for success." The best work day looks have interesting jackets teamed with soft, sometimes flared skirts. Jackets with peplums or those that simply flair out from princess lines look particularly fresh and feminine.
For daywear look for urban patterns in slate, concrete grey, asphalt black. Do we need to even suggest....don't be bashful when it comes to mixing patterns and print.

Another palette taking its cue from big city street, graffiti prints are big, particularly for clubwear.
I love LBDs (Little Black Dresses). However, your dolly will want to get out of the black and into the red.
For daytime, think reds in spicy, tangy, tropical reds, either as an all-over look, or just to spark up otherwise neutral tones. Note that trousers are easing up. Pant legs are more fluid. And the shift dress in gradated tones of tangerine is a cool substitute for the LBD.

Okay, so you remember this dress from the Valentino post. Just goes to show how popular both the silhouette and the color is amongst the world's top designers.
These are the new neutrals. They are soft with a touch of grey. These are clothes with lots of verve. Clothes that jingle, jangle and move even though your doll stands still. Notice the palazzo pants, the trim on Oscar's dress and the strips that provide lots of interest in the dresses in the middle.

Those neutrals move into night time mode. The star fabrics you will want to buy: jewel-tone satin (silk charmeuse if you can afford it), panne velvet, and crepe.
 Of course, when the sun sets, it brings us back to the basic concept of black. Big this season, lingerie dresses with lace inlays, baby-doll looks....and the occasional, femme fatale in a black satin blazer, garters and thigh high boots.
The huge popularity of "Downton Abbey" has inspired designers to take us back on a venture to a more regal period in fashion history. The super-duper bling-bling is out. In its place are sultry, feminine looks featuring devore velvets, lace trimmed satin and a few jet beads sprinkled over vintage lace. Think "antique" or "bric-a-brac" shops for bits of old lace. Later, we will do a project on devore.
The take away here.... The fabrics and colors to invest in are basic. The styles are fairly simple but always with a strong air of femininity. Faux fur will be your doll's best friend....again! And if you still have a bit of money left over....go crazy with abstract prints.

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Next up: The girls head over the pond to London Fashion Week for a jolly good time. Stay tuned!!!!


  1. LOVE! I love the dresses, and yes, I'm a huge Downton Abbey fan, so I love those touches.

    1. I'm also a huge Downton Abbey fan myself and love it that the designers were inspired. Just wish I could afford the dresses for myself. Oh least, dolly will be taken care of!!!!

  2. I love the dresses you've chosen, ...LOL I still call it a "trapeze"....I'm old fashioned, can't do anything about it....
    I like the fact that also "siren" silhouette is back, the 20's and 30's are a great source of inspiration for a classy wardrobe....

    1. Personally, I am so happy to see 'real' clothes come back in style that don't rely on an over reliance of sex and glitz. You're so right, the 20's and 30's are such a great inspiration.


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