Monday, February 17, 2014

Doll's Eye View: NY Fall/Winter 2014 Fashions Pt. 1

Lots of patterns at Diane Von Furstenberg at NY Fashion Week.

Can you's fashion season...AGAIN!!!! This time, the styles prancing down the catwalk is what we can expect to see in the stores next Fall and Winter.

Skirts and dresses falling into handkerchief points at Tommy Hilfiger.
I was asked why designers show so far in advance. It has to do with production schedules. In effect, the things sent down the catwalk during fashion week are proposals. These glitzy shows are PR vehicles held essentially for the benefit of the press. Buyers, magazine editors and designers meet separately in the showrooms far from the podium. The actual orders placed determines what will actually appear in the stores. Moreover, sometimes modifications are made to a designer's collections to suit individual markets impacted by the morphology, culture and buying patterns of any one regional customer base.

Coats are supersized for Fall/Winter 14
By the time the orders are placed, manufactured, promoted and delivered, the process takes about 6 months. Like Paris, New York Fashion week is massive. It is 10 days long, followed immediately (literally the next day) by the UK collections on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, followed by Milan Fashion Week and concluding in Paris. Of the two sets of seasons, Fall/Winter is the most important because women spend more of their wardrobe budget for winter clothes more so that for summer gear.

How do I select the outfits to feature on this blog? I look for items I think sums up the message of the season and will translate well for the proportions of the doll. There cannot be too many tiny details, lots of layers or heavily draped silhouettes. I try to select styles that will come close to the human version when completed. And...I look for new ideas, or timeless items that will provide the doll added value.

Polar Vortex fashions
Inasmuch as the styles featured here original from real fashion weeks that show real fashions for you and me....sometimes I sneak in a few wonderful pieces as "eye candy" just for you full scale fashionistas.

Consider fantasy patterned faux fur for coats, jackets or just for trim.
When looking at the fashions in these posts, I want you to be inspired and use these photos as references. Don't think the fabric or even the color has to be the same, unless that is a selling point for you. Play around with the proportions, the fabrics and make the design your own. I've tried to select items I think you can create using the basic patterns we've made thus far. But don't hesitate to simply take fabric (or paper), tape and pins and try to recreate the silhouette before your eyes....sort of like sculpture. We use patterns to get to the final destination, but the reality is...whatever it takes to arrive at a gorgeous outfit is just fine.

Grey skies....comfortable knits, oversized jackets, layered looks keep us warm.
 Trends coming out of this fashion season, thus far, seemed to have been impacted by the severe weather trends. Fur and oversized coats point to this.

Back to the future...op-art prints from the 1960s are recut into contemporary looks
There is the usual amount of grey and black, but we are also seeing tiny checks and op-art prints, larger "urban" or camouflage patterns. What is also new are uneven hemlines falling into handkerchief points,

A certain point of view....hems fall into handkerchief points
Some of the patterns and prints are outstanding. Quite naturally, you will not be able to find the same fabrics, however let yourself be inspired to source unusual fabrics. And don't forget to experiment and perhaps design your own fabric.

Eco-patterns, laser cut "lace," silhouettes are simple, but the fabric speaks volumes.

Bird Land...dresses are all aflutter with the addition of feathers.
We're not finished with New York. Stay tuned for Part 2 !!!!!
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