Friday, June 20, 2014

Ken's Eye View: Spring '15 UK Menswear

They're back!!!! London has just kicked off the Spring 2015 season with a wild and crazy fashion week. And we can tell you that at times, things did get a bit cheeky! Out of the all the madness, we were able to discern a few great looks that the average guy is likely to try. Well, at least my Ken dolls were crazy about the six major themes featured below.
 Nine to Five
Here are the newest way to get through the day with the classic jeans jacket. Wear it under a sports jacket and over a classic pair of straight trousers.

 Colorful Conversation
Take a classic shirt, jackets, sweater or straight pair of trousers and drench them in lively, colorful tones. The key to making it work for spring is by adding a touch of white.

The fun continues with color. Think bright, think bold, think graffiti artist! Silhouettes are big and bold as are the graphics. Start out with a white, simple garment then add your own bold graphic design (or scan an ad from the Sunday newspaper and print out on cotton).

Urban Warrior
This is the hard core version of street wear for summer. Big T-shirts with bold graphics over matching shorts, chain print tank tops over studded boxers, a short version of the sweatshirt in concrete grey cotton jersey, and even a big flat overcoat with contrasting graphic applique (you can achieve this with iron-on applique over grey tweed) and matching stovepipe pants.

The Ink Spots
Gritty, inky black, somewhat slick, jackets here are big and flat with a lot of detailing. You can cut a coat and add lots of monochromatic patchwork detailing, or add badges to a black jeans jacket. Shorts are very big for next summer's urban prince. Even the most classic of silhouettes, a simply V-neck sweater over a classic pair of bermudas will find its way to the chic streets of style.
White Knights
After all of the great splashes of colors to the deep dark corners of next summer's rebellious styles, it's time to take a break and cleanse our palettes with the crisp look of stark white ensembles. White Levis with a matching denim jacket is a fresh way to go. A cool white on white suit also looks good (and new when you add a few touches of colorful badges, like Richard James). Or keep things simple with a cotton T-shirt and a simple pair of shorts. Very cool, indeed!
We're not finished yet! Fashion week continues. The boys will be right back with the latest summer fashions from Italy and France!
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