Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ken's Eye View: Spring '15 Paris Menswear

After London and Milan, there are a few very strong trends emerging for Spring/Summer 2015 menswear trends. Pure white is THE "hot" color especially when layered in combinations of sports jacket/shirt/pants. Add a black jacket or shirt and you've got another super trendy look for next season. But if you only make a single thing for Ken, let it be a pair of shorts! This item works well for sporty day looks as well as the newest trend...the shorts suit. Finally, don't be afraid of color or patterns. Menswear trends are a-changing!
 White Out!
A totally bleached out look. White is the color for cool daytime sportswear as well the ultimate in evening elegance. Choose cotton poplin, broadcloth, linen or
Day to Night
Summer style can be as simple as a white cotton shirt and a pair of white Levi's or cotton trousers. Just to mix it up a bit, add a touch of black. It can be a silk shirt, a fitted jacket or a white blazer with inky black trim.
Etchings on the Wall
Following along with our black and white theme....this is the easiest way to introduce your Ken doll to pattern and print. Bold stripes, white on black embroidered patterns, reptile or vegetal's all good! Just choose fabrics that have structure and body!

Grey Matter
This is an urban theme with a wild spectrum of possibilities. Think super big T-shirts or parka with "newspaper" prints (via transfer). Gray fabrics also work (with a pop of color) for big city looks. Then take a walk on the wild side....embroidered fabric cut into jackets and even trousers!
Dark Knights
Black is also showing up on the radar for being a super color for next year. Explore a wide variety of black fabrics...from leather-looks and silk to broadcloth. Silhouettes also vary greatly. Trousers are mostly in the slim range, however, you can cut the pants a bit larger and team it up with a fitted jacket or a short one-button jacket.
Sand Dunes
We don't see lots of natural tones thus far. But still, you can use these neutrals in new ways. Monochrome combinations are an easy way to get Ken into the swing of the season. Then change things up a little by combining several different tones in the same garment.
Red Alert
Stop in the name of love!!! We're seeing red with these men's trends. Start out with a short jacket cut from shiny vinyl, then take the plunge by making a sports coat or trench in red with matching shirt and trousers.

Under the Big Top
It's bold. It's bright. It's the way Ken can wear color! Keep the silhouettes and shapes simple. Then splurge on a color rush when it comes to choosing colors of fabrics.
Designing Men
Pattern and print are not easily translated into menswear. However, it's a mad, fast, fashion world and so....anything goes! Renauld, my Ken doll, did NOT want to go that far, so we compromised! I chose a geometric print in tones of grey for his trousers and teamed it up with a simple shirt. The print and the color are close to camouflage prints, so it works without making him look like a Barbie!
We've got one more stop in the men's fashion week lineup. Next stop: Paris!!!
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