Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ken's Eye View: Paris Spring '15 Menswear Trends

In this our third and last installment on Spring/Summer 2015 menswear week, the guys top their trip off to Paris. Less colorful and more sensible than the other two sets of catwalk shows, they noted how blue will be a big color next year! White continues on as a major trend for next summer. However, there is a symphony of patterns and prints that can be added as statement pieces to help you keep your Ken doll in his best peacock mode!
As many young designers have lost their way in their flights of fancy where clothes are made for catwalks but not for actual lifestyles, it is interesting to see how traditional fashion houses have found refuge in today's iconic garments....jeans. From a distance, not much has change. But look up close and you notice a plethora of details and treatments. My Kens like this a lot because they can exert their creative style in a modern way without looking ridiculous.

Where jeans leave off, this trend favoring a variety of creative blues continues. Here, you can start with a basic silhouette then use special techniques to make the overall look different. Think patchwork, patterns, dip dye, tie dye, applique....all in a palette of denim and indigo blue.
Speaking of indigo. Again, there are so many different ways to change up a garment. It's all in the details. You can begin with a sports jacket with jeans, but use textile techniques to rough it up a bit like slashing, over-dying, dip dying. Then also consider a few changes with your silhouette. A short jacket with super wide trousers or a jacket with an asymmetrical closing.
A nice alternative to the classic blazer, jackets are getting shorter. But consider the fabric....reptile or tire embossed vinyl, textured silk or a short jacket with a smattering of tiny bangles. Leave the collar off. Close the jacket off to the size. Wear all this with short pants....the newest look made famous by "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams.

The easiest way to get into the groove where prints are concerned is by cutting your guy a jacket or pair of jeans with a spatter printed cotton. Moreover, you can take a bit of acrylic paint and create your own textile print. Dip an old toothbrush into the paint then flick it onto the fabric. Keep your silhouettes simple. And if your doll screams over these very busy looks, dress him in just one spatter garment over a pair of black jeans or shorts.

Once you get used to the look, have fun by creating a variety of abstract art prints splashed over the traditional sports jacket and trousers. You can also use "Jouy" cloth (3rd suit from the left)....or a patchwork carcoat over a pair of light denim creased jeans.
These are vary daring looks that begin with a simple garment. These are interesting because embroidered fabrics or even upholstery jacquards can be used to make Monsieur Ken a most outstanding evening suit. We also love the photo car coat by Undercover. Create your own print using transfer paper. And don't be afraid of color!

After all of the crazy prints, loud colors and creative cuts....it's time to cleanse the palette with neutral tones. One note here....try using the unconventional fabric like viscose or rayon knit to create a fluid outfit like the one by Dries van Noten.
And here we are, once again, with what we are predicting will be a MAJOR trend for next spring/summer: White on White. From the "tennis" suit of Umit Benan to the safari jacket and slacks from Christophe Lemaire, whatever you make, let it be white!

Renauld loves his casual Friday jeans suit a la Dior Homme!

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