Saturday, September 20, 2014

Doll's Eye View: LONDON! Spring/Summer '15

I usually look to London for edgy, sometimes quirky looks. And this season, there was plenty of that. However, this time around, there were a few really wearable looks with just enough edge to keep them from teetering into that no man's land of boring frocks. With this report, I chose a few key garments I thought would translate well for our dolls. Many of the silhouettes are familiar. It's simply a question of fabric, detail or styling!
 The message for Spring Summer 2015 is quite strong. It's all about EASE! These are simple looks styled with a youthful, downtown flair. Simplicity of silhouette, fabric and color is the key element in pulling off the look.

Big city chic just got bolder. I like the crispness of black and white with a sliver of asymmetrical contrast. This is achieved by cutting the design right into the pattern, then fitting it back together like a simple jigsaw puzzle. The oversize lithographic print (applied by transfer method) is also a nice touch to this summer in the city theme.
 Again, we are seeing a dominance of black and white looks for next summer. Note how a simple silhouette is rendered quite dynamic with the use of contrasting appliques and trim.

 Deep, mysterious and exotic, the most exciting florals and fabric treatments are dipped in dark, intense tones. Abstract prints, upholstery fabric, feathers, sheer fabric with floral appliques or simply midnight blue tulle swirled around the body render very feminine and super lush deep summer looks.

Okay, so Apple has a new iPhone and Samsung is doing a one upping it with a bigger Galaxy Note. Our Fitbit trackers will soon be made obsolete by the crush of new smart watches. It's about time designers are inspired by the techno trends of our global world. We see it spelled out in shades of aluminum, copper, titanium brushed metals and wired circuit boards expressed through shiny satin, metallic lace and corrugated textures. The ultimate message here....Keep it Simple!

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The girls are knee deep in Italian Fashion Week. They'll be back shortly with the best of Milan!


  1. wow, the fashion is amazing for 2015, I like everything you showed! The fashions you made on doll size are fabulous. Very feminine (I love the "boys" silhouettes that enhance a woman's femininity :-) ).

    1. Thank you. I also wanted to do the Issa dresses with the cameos but couldn't find anything that came close to the medallions. Next spring/summer trends are turning out to be a big winner thus far!

  2. Hi April, the Greg Lauren outfit is wonderful! I also like very much the JP Braganza asimmetrical designs, I'm always looking for new inspiration!
    Let's see what Milan and Paris have in store for us! I believe the girls are having a lot of fun, even thought the weather doesn't help....we're having such a short and rainy summer in Italy.

    1. Hi Billa. I started not to do the Greg Lauren outfit because I wanted something a little more "designed." But I had just found the little hat (for $1) at a crafts store and the doll looked so good in the I caved in and had fun putting that outfit together. The assymetrical dress is in 2 parts. It's very tricky! The black insert in the skirt is actually a godet (triangle). I had lots of problems with the top!
      Big hugs,


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