Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Doll's Eye View: New York Spring Summer '15 Trends

What!!??!!! It's fashion week season already!!! Well, here it is.....your regular dose of current fashion trends as dictated by the fashion gods and goddesses of New York's Seventh Avenue. This time, we're looking at next year's Spring Summer fashions. In general, they are not trend setting creations, but rather, sharp, attractive styles we're sure you're doll will wear well!
There's nothing like stripes--well defined in black and white--to welcome in Spring. For 2015, designers work their lines like cross-hatched doodles, in combinations of horizontal and diagonal directions. We particularly love the oversized, blurred effects of Halston Heritage and the mix of striped silk and rows of feathers.

Another cool look for hot summer days, is the mix of waves, plaids and small prints, sometimes charged with a pop of color.
Bold, strong, abstract stripes and shapes, silhouettes are simple and the statement they make is quite clear. Graphics carved in strong colors and white are electrifying. What is particularly interesting in this group, is the interjection of movement to static stripes, thanks to paper-shredded color blocks draped diagonally over the body.
There's nothing new about summer blacks. Still, nothing is more chic than simple little dresses and sleek jackets carved out of blocks of black silk or cotton. In this case, less is more!

They're simple. They're chic. There's nothing more refreshing than simple silhouettes defined by a dynamic shade of red hot red for night....or tamed down a bit in shades of raspberry.
There are those times when dolly simply wants to sit pretty and let her fashion message play out in soft tones and pretty fabrics. Gingham was a huge trend in New York. Note that waistlines are back at the body's natural waistline! That hemlines run the gamut of mid-thigh to mid-calf. And that pants are also defined as jumpsuits and palazzo trousers.

For me, these Spring/Summer 2015 fashions show New York fashion trends at their best. There are no fireworks with these styles, no contrived shapes...just plain and simple clothes that are comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes. It's not about being super-sexy or making some avant-garde fashion statement. On the contrary, it's about clothes that make the wearer (even if it's your doll) feel good.

 Neat, tidy and very pretty, this is what New York does best....silhouettes that are easy to make, easy to wear and very easy on the eyes. Note the tops and jackets that enhance the body with a curvy peplum or even a cool white silk jumpsuit with a sleek tunic top.
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Up next: London fashion week has just finished and our team will return with their report shortly!!!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. I request a tutorial for the skirt in the first picture please!

    1. Hi Teva. It really wasn't difficult. I used the one piece skirt pattern to help guide me. Now that I made one, I'll make another in tutorial form right after I've finished with all the fashion week reports.

  2. Hi April, you picked the best ones!
    I'm amazed by the skirt in the first picture too, but my favourite is the second one, you managed to get the overall line, which is very difficult, being a flowing line!

    1. Thank you, Billa. Scale is so important. But what you think works is not always what works. Sort of a trompe l'oeil. For that second dress, I started out with a top that was longer. But the doll's proportions are different than a human's and I decided to go with a slightly shorter top and it worked. The proportions of the skirt are also hit and missed. This time, I guessed the right amount of fullness and, the fabric had just enough body to swing the way it should. In short, I learn something new with each challenge I take on!
      Big hugs.

  3. Beautiful clothes! I love the first look on your doll, and the black gown with silver belt. The Oscar de la Renta checkered black & white ensemble is awesome.

    1. Thank you. I think we all have the same taste in clothes! I love simple, sleek looks which is why I chose the Halston gown. I also like Oscar's pink gingham and white lace ensemble. Gingham should be a big trend next spring summer, so I'll be on the look out for small scale checks in pastels!

  4. LOVE your site!!! I wish I would have found you sooner, but for sure will no be following! My girls need some fresh looks and these will definitely be inspiring me as I comb through my fabric stash and give me an excuse to purchase new! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  5. Oops! I meant I for sure will 'now' be following!

  6. Welcome to my blog. Glad you like it. Now there's no excuse for your girls to be dressed in anything less than the latest fashions!!! Stop by any time!!


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