Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Doll's Eye View: Paris Fall '13 Part II

Lingerie looks from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton inspired dolly's lace-trimmed satin dress.
What I love about fashion week in Paris is the variety of different styles, designers, expressions that come down the catwalks. We look for commercial viability from New York, raw experimentation from London, textile-savvy from Milan. But in Paris, where is where East meets West in a veritable smogasbord of aesthetics.

Here at Fashion Doll Stylist, we were careful to chose silhouettes we think would be easy to translate into flattering looks for our girls. However, if you go on any number of the websites specializing in fashion, you will certainly see clothing that will provoke the reaction, "who would wear that." While I cannot explain everything, you must realize that in Paris, the designer tells a story, sends a message and hopes to push fashion forward. The things we see on the catwalk are not necessarily meant to be worn as is. They are meant to inspire.

With the conclusion of fashion week, editors and buyers sit down, discuss and make changes to the collections. Those changes reflect sensitivities as dicated by the various markets and their customers' morophology. For example, longer garments may be shortened or colors may be changed for stores in Asia. Sheer clothes will having linings. In some cases the entire collection will be redesigned using the catwalk show as the theme (much like we are doing with our doll clothes).

At Fashion Doll Stylist, our portfolios are filled with many new and exciting ideas that will serve as inspiration for doll fashions, keeping my foot-tall fashionistas VERY happy!!!!!

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