Monday, March 18, 2013

The Luck of the Irish really didn't expect me to do cute little green dresses, did you!!! John Rocha is not exactly Irish, but he is a major fashion player who resides in Dublin. Born in Hong Kong of Chinese descent, Rocha moved to Ireland after his university studies, where he made a name for himself with his "Chinatown" label. By the 1990's he was part of the London fashion scene and is credited for winning the "Designer of the Year" distinction from The British Fashion Awards in 1993. Rocha is best known for hand crafted details on his clothing, notably beading and applique and currently designs a line of crystal for the iconic brand, Waterford. This spring, Rocha's collection is in bloom with giant rose petal dresses in bell silhouettes. Can Spring be far away???

For the doll version, we began with the two-piece dress using the basic bodice sloper stitched to the A-line skirt cut from raw silk. In random fashion, we used 2-inch wide strips of China silk with which we wound, sculpted and hand stitched around the dress. You can also use ribbon or prefabricated silk flowers.

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