Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Easter Parade

Fashion Doll Stylist would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!

And what Easter wouldn't be complete without the proverbial Easter Bonnet. What makes a hat an Easter bonnet? A great big, catwalk-worthy hat with lots of flare and drama.

For some of this head gear, I cut down an existing straw hat and attempted to shape the bits into smaller hats. I will be honest. It was way, too difficult and I found myself doing lots of "styling" to make it all work. My suggestion would be to purchase doll size straw hats (which you can find in craft stores or on line) then dress them up or modify them. Two of the hats pictured below, were cheap hat key-chains sold at stores in warm weather tourist destinations which made excellent supports for the typical "Sunday-go-to-meeting" Easter head hgear.

Straw hat from mini rum bottle with a fluff of hand painted silk
A straw hat keychain given a golden bow makes for a glorious Easter bonnet.

Silk chiffon and rosebuds transforms a straw hat into a springtime melody.

A silk rose brooch is transformed into a hat with the addition of flowers and polka dots.

Jewelry bags make easy-to-make, very chic hats.

A bit of straw, a handful of tulle, a lot of high fashion.
Inspired by Duchess Kate Middleton's "Fascinator," a touch of lace, feathers & tulle goes a long way.

Sometimes simplicity is best. Pictured here, a curl of ribbon makes for the perfect "Fascinator"

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