Thursday, March 28, 2013

Accessory to the Fact

Fashion is the sum of its parts. The modern woman puts herself together by selecting very simple clothing which, whether dressed up or dressed down, is always updated with the addition of just the right necklace, handbag or shoes.

While following current trends is very important to your doll's overall fashion look, it is equally important to translate this seasons' smartest accessories into chic items for your doll.

Some items (like jewelry and handbags) are easier to recreate than others. This is one area where it is worth buying basic doll scaled items (eye wear, hats, shoes) which you can modify later.

In this posting, I have wrapped a child-sized small necklace around the doll's neck to simulate the over sized pearl necklace featured in Chanel's spring collection. This and the matching bracelet are throwbacks from the 1960's which I am sure will be popular items, this season. For the bracelet, I bought tiny seed pearls from my local crafts store which I strung on thin wire then wrapped around the doll's wrist. The wire helps maintain shape.

"Chanel-inspired" necklace with similar glasses.

See-thru handbags, like the one featured at Dolce & Gabana, is another popular trend for summer. (I still have my clear vinyl bags left from years past.) What's nice about that bag is that, with a change of "scarf" it can go with any outfit.

And then there is the whole black and white theme with clutch bags from Marc Jacobs and Marni that are simple to reproduce with duck tape cut to scale. Also consider scarves and shawls which are not only easy to make (tear and wear), but they also add drama to the outfit (and hides any mistakes you've made)!

Chanel inspired bracelet with a clear vinyl D&G inspired handbag complete with charms & scarf

With a change of scarf, the plexi bag adapts to any outfit. The bag is made from the plastic box your doll comes in.
By adding tape to an existing purse, the Marc Jacobs bag is replicated.
Use beads of different sizes for the "Chanel" bracelet.
Your chain bracelet makes the perfect Ferragamo necklace for the doll.
A tiny bit of malar makes an inexpensive Givenchy collar.

An existing bag is transformed into a Marni bag with tape.


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