Saturday, September 14, 2013

Doll's Eye View: NY S/S '14 Fashions, Pt.1

Fashion season is one of my favorite series of events. Twice a year, fashionistas of all sorts come together to see what the lords of style have dreamed up for the rest of us mortals. The season begins with New York, travels over the ocean to London, then drifts over to Milan before making its final, and perhaps, it most spectacular splash in Paris.

The "Dolls Eye View" series, presents fashion collections from the doll perspective. By that, I mean that we sift through most of the new designer looks to find new clothes and accessories we think will translate well into styles for fashion dolls of all sizes. Within a period of a week, New York hosted some 300 catwalk shows. We've broken our summary into two parts which we will show over two posts.

Short and sweet, long and lanky, it's one of the sweetest ways to stay cool. Pure white silhouettes are slightly flared. A little bit of the 1960's revisited.

Stop and admire landmarks and buildings from the past for inspiration.  Monochromatic patterns and prints are etched onto wovens and knits. Silhouettes are stark and simple.

Digital prints are breaking the sound barrier. Fingerprint motifs, sound waves at warp speed, the message here is, once again, to keep things simple. But let the print speak volumes.
Won't you take a stroll into the garden? Then with a simple pencil and paper, tell me what you see. These floral prints pay black and white homage to Georgia O'Keefe, but without the pomp and circumstance of color. Silhouettes take a page out of "Princess Diaries."

We love the look of laser cut lace. Our girl's top is a simple bodice with a non-woven over-layer cut into a snowflake then stitched down.
The "little black dress" takes on a modern allure. Criss-cross and slash bring back memories from the Flash Dance era. Paillettes, ribbon embroidery, a patchwork of black sheers...each garment is special. Each is a jewel. The important thing is to mix and match different textures and techniques.

Back to nature. We like the look of fringe that resembles swaying grass of sun bleached fields, dresses that look as though they might have been crocheted from natural jute. Or a simple shorts suit in natural linen. Look for fabrics with vegetal aspects, but keep the garment simple!
That's not all..... Stay tuned for Part II. It's still New York.....but in "Living Color!!!"
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