Monday, September 30, 2013

Doll's Eye View: Paris Spring '14 Trends-The Art Scene

Karen in Gareth Pugh.

In Paris, the Capital of Style, Fashion is looked upon as a veritable Art. Whereas NY tends to concern itself first and foremost with business, Paris operates as a laboratory, where designers explore new ideas, new techniques. Often, what begins in Paris, affects trends all over the world. The second point of French fashion is its sense of femininity. The French love women. Women love French high fashion. For our first report on Paris Fashion Week, we present the creative side of the catwalk.

Paris is notorious for putting on a good show. Not everything on the catwalk will end up on store shelves. However, elements of the more outrageous items may inspire more wearable garments or even inspire accessory trends. For example, the feathered headdresses (Gareth Pugh) worn by the models in our opening photo have already set off a trend of feather purses, slippers and the like.

And then there are those coats splashed with a heavy dose of abstract art. What better way to spruce up a classic garment, especially for your favorite doll. (Our doll wears a dolly kimono coat version so very well!!) With these trends, textile treatments will prove to be most useful. Get out your textile paints and foam brushes. Get out your scissors and prepare to play. Have fun as you let yourself be inspired by the groups below!!!!

When it comes to Spring fashions, thing ART!!! Color blocking continues to be a strong force as well as bold stripes draped in inventive ways. Mix and match bold blocks of color layered over each other cut from sheer fabrics. Pants are loose and in some cases, skirts are long.
Geometric patterns, a mix of stripes and patterns, fractured geometrics. Don't be bashful when it comes to borrowing from the modern art masters....Picasso comes to mind.

 Here is where you can have lots of fun. The silhouettes are quite simple: shifts, coats (I've used a simple kimono coat and added a shawl collar to come up with the Celine inspired coat worn by Marpessa (far right photo). After I cut out the coat, I took a small brush and some textile paint to create my own "artwork." Honestly, it looked better than I thought it would by the time the coat came together.

 Here again, the textiles reign supreme. Again, silhouettes are super simple, acting as a canvas to the random scribbling of the fabric print. Karen on the far right, wears the basic coat and slim skirt of white cotton, over which I have scribbled, using a textile marker. You don't have to be an artist to do this. Just do what you do best....scribble!!!!

The girls are venting over styles that swing and sway. Strictly cut and slash, these looks feature openwork, slashed and fringed fabrics. I used chamois cloth for Soowan's 2-pc garment (second from the left), but doeskin or doeskin cloth would have produced better results and would have been easier to work with. Soowan's top is a simple halter neck basic bodice top. I took a single edged razor and made horizontal slits down the center. The skirt is a simple rectangle of chamois, fringed at both ends, wrapped around her hips and held closed with a square of Velcro.

Sexy, flirty, Summer '14 trends favor dresses with lingerie touches, spaghetti straps, lots of black lace and full skirts. Don't be afraid to do a touch chic look like leather bustier over a full lace & tulle skirt!
Paris at its most extravagant. The dresses themselves are fairly simple. In the case of Dries Van Noten, the addition of black silk flowers can add a spectacular flare to a simple top and skirt. Norma Jean (third from the left) wears a simple black nylon knit flared gown cinched in with a vinyl corset and topped off with a crown of marabou feathers. It's a look inspired by avant-garde designer, Gareth Pugh.
Fashion season is not quite over, folks. Next up: Doll's Eye View: Spring '14 Paris Classics
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