Monday, September 23, 2013

Mini Emmys 2013

We interrupt our regularly scheduled fashion programming to bring you a special report directly from last evening's 65th Annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. For anyone unfamiliar with this event, this is a yearly award ceremony celebrating the best performers, shows, movies, comedies and other assorted professionals involved in the American television industry.

Like the Oscars and Cannes Film Festival, red carpet events are ALWAYS a good source of inspiration for glamorous doll clothes. Everyone in attendance is more than happy to dress up, step out and shine under the glare of photographers snapping pictures. The rest of us like to watch, perhaps more to see the fashions than for the ceremony. However, unlike the rest of the media, we are not going to relate some silly list of who we think were the best and the worst dressed. Instead, we're here to show you a tiny sampling of dresses that should be fairly easy to replicate, no matter your level of pattern drafting or sewing skills.

Simplicity is the underlying theme with most of what was worn last night. Barbie should be in seventh heaven because most of the red carpet dresses were prom-girl, princess, dollicious! Yes, there were the usual fish tail gowns in black or flaming red, however, the same spirit of understated elegance prevailing in Europe has caught on in America. Pictured here are super easy to wear, easy to sew looks which consists of a two-piece dress or camisole top and a full or flared evening length skirt.

An A-line evening length skirt in a soft lace fabric and two triangles, dotted with sequins (which I glued on) and you've got something pretty close to the Armani Prive dress worn by Claire Danes.

 What could be more simple. We began with a black corset. We took a beaded medallion and stitched this on top. The corset is worn with a four-gore flared evening length skirt for a look originally created by Andrew Gn and worn by Elizabeth Moss.

We have the same dress, but my hairstyle is more glamorous!
A halter neck top in red silk worn with a gathered, evening length skirt is all that's needed for a graceful ensemble designed by Prada and worn by actress, Michelle Dockery. The halter top is joined at the neck with Velcro. I tacked on a large silk bow over the closure.

This dress, designed by Thakoon and worn by actress, Taylor Schilling, starts with a halter neck top you can drape over a twist tie right on the doll. The skirt is a flared A-line skirt with a center front seam.

The dolls wear the looks better than the actresses!!!!

Here's actress Anna Gunn wearing a gorgeous lace bustier over a pink silk fishtail skirt designed by Romona Keveza. For this asymmetrical corset, I took a piece of beaded lace and placed directly onto the doll. A separate piece of lace is attached on the back, allowing me to add a hook and eye closure on one side. Due to time constraints, I did not have time to draft the fishtail skirt. (We'll show you how to do this later.) So I took the flared skirt, and pinched it at the back over the hip, allowing the rest of the skirt to flow away from the body.

Photographs of the actresses from the Emmy Awards (behind the dolls) by Getty Images.

Stay tuned! Our Doll's Eye View of Milan Fashion Week will be here shortly!!!!!

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