Thursday, September 26, 2013

Doll's Eye View: Viva Italia '14

Inspired by the Italian iconic designer, our girl wear an Armani inspired suit.
 Ciao Bella!!! In my early years of reporting collections, Milan's fashion week was my favorite. The fabrics are some of the best in the world and up until sometime in the 1990's, the clothes were sophisticated, timeless creations any woman at any age could wear. Then something happened. The  Italians hopped began exploring "trendy" fashion, and (in my eyes) lost their way. At the beginning of this season's collections week, I was not terribly inspired. However, as the days filed by and some familiar names took to the stage, a surge of gorgeous fashions emerged.


Our Italian journey begins with that quintessential summer color: white. Pure, cut in clean, simple lines, it's the fashion equivalent to cleansing the palette and starting anew.

 Touring big cities in the summertime. Going for a stroll, the easy, breezy look of loose and flared silhouettes look best in soft cottons and cotton voiles drawn in a variety of stripes that crisscross around the body.

 What I love about European styles is that when designers use colors they go for it. Bustiers, wrap skirts, or dresses that loosely skim the body are etched in a bold collage of bluish toned prints that appear to have been lifted from landmark cathedrals.
RIFLESSIONI ITALIANE (Italian Reflextions)
 Like memories from cityscapes of the towns we love, monochromatic geometrics, jacquards and architectural patterns are worked in a kaleidoscope of layered fit and flare looks. The look is distinctively feminine. Oh by the way, have you noticed how many dresses there are!

 Let's connect the (polka dots) and borrow retro looks for a modern approach to spring fashion. Again, it's about fit, flare and especially....FUN!!!! Our girl (far left) is wearing a tent dress that's belted and worn over a slim fitting black lace skirt....inspired by the Dolce Gabbana dress next to her.


She's bold. She's sexy. She stands out from the crowd. Silhouettes are simple with the standout color of red. Jazz it up with texture or the juxtaposition of layered sheers. Keep it serious with basic shapes and matching accessories.

Let's just stay on the subject of flirty, feminine looks for spring. Take a stroll through the garden and be inspired by the flowers. Simple princess line jackets top slim or flared skirts. An oversized floral print goes a long way on a shift dress or a sexy, slip dress.

Easy to wear long or short dresses, these are wearer friendly styles with plenty of texture, all drench in hot, spicy colors of mustard and pomegranate.

And don't be afraid to mix unexpected patterns, stripes and prints. Postcard prints are also big for fun shifts and tent dresses.

 Reptile prints and embossed patterns continue to be big, especially for early spring. A snakeskin print spruces up a classic trench coat or jacket and trousers.
 The Italians are taking a break from rock star bling by going back to basics. Let the color or an asymmetric detail make the grand entry.

 Of course you can step it up a bit. But again, take a tip from the glamour girls of the 1930's. Say it with beaded detailing, feather trims, devore (burn-out) fabrics.


And so at the end of the day, we find ourselves back to big city neutrals....light beige, slate grey, blue mist. But these are anything but basic looks. Here is where you take control of your doll's look. Our girl in the center, is wearing a dress draped directly on her and stitched in place. It mimic the organic looks behind her designed by the house of Gianfranco Ferre.

Well...there's one more city to cover and we're already in place. Our fashion coverage is not yet over. We'll see you soon with a two-part report out of the fashion capital of the world....PARIS!!!!

A bientot!

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