Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dollz in the Hood

Tis the season for the hoodie. Be it part of a jacket, coat or as an add-on; draped on the shoulders or cradling the head; trimmed with fur or worn as is, the addition of a hood is the easiest way to create a look that's contemporary, sophisticated or simply down right dramatic.'s quite easy to make.
A great looking winter car coat in wool tweed.
Here is what the hood looks like in all views.

The pattern involves measuring around the head ending at the pit of the neck.
1)Measure around the head ending at the pit of the neck. Divide the number in have and draw line A-B. 2)Measure around the head from the outer eye to outer eye to get line B-C
1. Point A-B is 1/2 the measurement around the head beginning and ending at the pit of the neck. (Take the measurement then divide this number in half. For example, the measurement for this doll was 5 1/2". When divided in half, I arrive at 2 3/4".
2. Point B-C is 1/2 the measurement from the outer eye on one side of the head to the outer eye on the opposite side.

3. The line A-B lays on the Center Back of the head. The lower edge takes its lines from the neckline. Lay your jacket or coat back pattern (without seam allowance) so that the center back lines up with the CB of A-B. Take the Front pattern and line it up shoulder line to shoulder line. This results in the curved line A-D. Now trace the necklines of both the front and back patterns to create the neckline of the hood at the bottom.
4) Now draw the front of the hood. Your line should be straight until you arrive at the shoulder line, then make a curve down to "D." Curve the upper left hand corner of your hood unless you want yours to end in a point.
5) Add seam allowance.

It is always good to make a muslin. The hood attaches to the neckline of your garment. If you don't want this much fullness, make adjustments. Mark, then create a new pattern based on your markings. You can line this hood.
We used a small length of velvet ribbon to create the hood for this velvet flocked leather jacket.

Add a furry trim to top a great looking winter coat.

 You can also elect to keep the hood separate, like the one below in black faux fur. Simply add a ribbon at the lower edge so that she can wear the hood over anything she chooses.
Stay tuned...more winter looks are on their way!!!!!

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  1. Hi, your wool tweet coat is fantastic! I've been making coats too, it's so fun, I've put away the summer dresses however still crave to make them. Have fun!

  2. Well, you can still make dresses. Just make them in a lightweight wool! After all, the girls need something to wear underneath those coats you're making!


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