Sunday, October 4, 2015

Doll's Eye View: BELLISSiMA ITALIA!!!!

In a word....Milan fashion week was.....PRETTY!!! The experimentation that we've been seeing over the past few seasons has halted. Designers here did what they do best in Italy.....create clothes that flatter, feminize, pamper, exalt, and beautify the woman. Think lace, think ruffles.....think curvy, fit and flare clothes that show off the figure underneath. Not only would I want to wear them for myself, they are the perfect clothes that make any doll picture perfect! (And they suit the personalities of our favorite 12" divas so divinely well!!!!)

Short shorts is the coolest way for dolly to strut her stuff on hot summer days. This is a trend inspired by the old fashion bathing suits of the 1950's as well as the hot pants craze of the '70s. Most often they are cut like your grandmother's panties in cottons, lyrca or even leather, then teamed with a pretty blouse, a slouchy top or a bra and shirt.

Stripes are always in, but these take on a whole new dimension. Look out for shadow striped fabrics, "ethnic stripes" of zigzags or imperfect tracks, bar codes or even raffia stripes that move to a definite Carnival beat.

While the Americans still march behind Kim Kardasian, European fashionistas have been long following the more elegant lead of Princess Kate Middleton. In this most gracious style, you'll find some throw-backs to the early 60's, inspired by the timeless looks of Cristobal Balenciaga or Mr. de Givenchy. Silhouettes are simple, bold and clean, sometimes incorporating an element of surprise with an interesting drape like the jacket pictured here from Emporio Armani.
With Europe center stage in the saga of the immigrants, patterns and prints are foremost in the minds of many designers. We're seeing a contemporary take on prints featured here in all over effects and girly silhouettes. The message here....don't be afraid of experimenting with folkloric or ethnic prints for contemporary clothing. inspired by ethnic costume but translate them into something modern by using modern floral or fauna prints.

There's lots of spice added to the color palette of next summer's trends. When looking for fabrics, don't forget to include cinnamon, curry, mustard seed, paprika, chili pepper and lemongrass!!!! You have a pick of lengths. Fashions range from the super short-shorts to ankle length dresses. Pants range from narrow stovepipes to loose and easy pant legs.
As to be expected in heavily peppered with art. We like a simple shift made from a hodgepodge of materials fashioned together. Or think sculptural. A leather dress is draped over the body and tied into a serious of bows down one side for the sexiest dress ever. Consider a skirt with a high waist worn over a simple white t-shirt.

The little black with a fresh new twist! Consider a simple dress with a handkerchief hem, or a great big sarong with ruffled edges worn with a bare midriff top. Or it could even be as simple as a skirt or dress that wraps over the dress like big floral petals cut from rayon jersey or black stretch silk.

Feathers, touches of lace, these are more pretty ways to dress dolly for a night on the town.

Karen wears a taffeta blouse with ruffled sleeves worn over a simple marabou feather skirt.
Again, a very lady-like approach to fashion trends, these are clothes that are silky, soft, flowing and perfectly pretty! There are draped tops over shorts, Grecian style dresses cut from chiffons or soft fabrics (like rayon) that seductively wrap around the body. Even a soft pantsuit with wide trousers belted in a soft contrasting bow is a very pretty way to dress your doll.
Getting the look is as easy as tacking panels of ripped chiffon onto ribbon waistband then creating a bustier of medallions cut from lace, as shown here by model, China.

This is another story starts with colors inspired by desert sands. Jackets or coats are classically structured and worn loose or belted. Evening dresses flow freely over the body are cut from mocha, toffee, or sandalwood silk. Look for shadow stripes, devore or silk satins and consider  tent or shift silhouettes that freely hang from the shoulders to the ankles.
A glorious them of pristine white chiffon, lace--whether cotton appliques or re-embroidered. These are pretty little dresses that flutter, flatter but mostly show off the super girly side of dolly. Why, it's down right heavenly!!!!  (Finally--something to do with all that discounted lace trim you've been hoarding over the years!!!!)
Inspired by the early 1960's, this sheath dress has a bodice that flares out over the waist. Here Laeticia wears a dress cut from stretch lace that has appliques of embroidered lace stitched on top for an added dimension.

Next and final stop on our fashion bus.....Paris!!!!

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  1. Piękne, koronkowe kreacje!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

    1. Olla wrote: Beautiful , lace creations!
      Best wishes!

      Thank you Olla. Glad you liked them. See you again soon!

  2. These are the best so far, very elegant and flattering outfits! A few years ago I bought a bag of feathers to sew on a gown (for my dolls of course lol), so maybe it's high time to start working on that! Your outfits are again so lovely, your girls are very lucky to have such a wardrobe :-). I actually like almost all of the clothes of the catwalk too, Italian designers are so talented :-).

    1. I totally agree. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a fashion week this much. I could have posted a day earlier, but decided I had to add in the one with the feather skirt. If I had the time, I would have done even more!! Indeed, my dolls are very lucky (and very spoiled)! I came down with the flu and they still had me chained to the sewing machine cranking out clothes for them!!! LOL!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like your Milan Fashion. Fabulous proposals. Very nice outfits. keep in touch

    1. Thank you, Marta. Glad you enjoyed the Italian fashions. See you soon.

  4. These are so lovely! : >
    I like the lace themed clothes and the Black Swan!
    These pleased the eye, and your outfits are fantastic as always. You bring out the best in a doll. ^^

    1. Thank you Uraru. I love working in lace because you can treat it like a collage--cut out the lace medallions and add them back onto the garment. This post was a lot of fun for me.

  5. I like both the black lace dress and the white lace dress. I don't wear much lace myself, but my dolls do.

    I remember hot pants, but I didn't wear them in the 70s ... Not likely to wear them now, lol.

    Thans for sharing these fashion trends.

    1. Thank you D7ana. The black and white lace dresses my favorites as well.
      As for hot pants----I wore them and nearly everything else! Too old to wear them now, but that's what's great about my doll family. They can keep on wearing everything!!!!

  6. I'm looking forward to Paris. These fashions didn't speak to me as much as the NY fashions did. Some were very pretty, but overall not at eye catching.

  7. Welllllll.....not all folks will like all markets!!! But hopefully amongst the four fashion weeks I cover, you will have found something that you find inspiring. I enjoyed Milan very much this season because, for the past number of years, there has been so much experimentation, the clothes looked more like costumes. It was as though the designers were so busy trying to come up with something new and different, they completely forgot about the customer! So to see Italy get back to what they do best....make very pretty clothes....was quite refreshing. Well, we'll see what Paris brings!!!

  8. OMG April, those laces and the marabou feather skirt! You're always able to amaze me.
    I'm really attracted by your "spice rack" selection, these are colours I absolutely love. Here I see so many things I would add to my own wardrobe!
    Thank you so much for these posts, they are a treasure trove of ideas!

  9. Thank you, Billa. I thoroughly enjoyed Milan fashion week. There were so many very pretty clothes and it was a pleasure to bring a few of them to life for the dolls. I was also very happy to finally use some of the bargain lace I bought awhile back. The trend report is my way to charge up the imagination with ideas to be translated into creations for the dolls and they give me ideas for future posts.


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