Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hankie Couture

So, you have a few gorgeous dolls and enormous aspirations. But you feel a bit overwhelmed. Where on earth do you start!??!! This was exactly my dilemma when I decided to make clothes for my collection. Sewing and making patterns was not the problem. I simply couldn’t figure out what to make.

There were the dolls, looking down at me from my chest of drawers in sheer disappointment. They had made it all the way to the home of someone whose entire career was devoted to fashion. And yet, they stood there, day after day in the same black dresses with nothing new to wear. To get me started, this is what I did. 

Simple, But Couture...

The most important thing is to get the creative juices flowing. We’ll worry about actually constructing real clothes later. For the moment, we're going to do like the couturiers of yesteryear.... begin by playing around with pretty fabric on the model. We will create what I call a “virtual wardrobe” using items you already have in your drawers. Super easy and all you need are hankies, pocket squares, lacy kerchiefs, and small segments of interesting fabrics, lace, feathers, tulle, ribbon and straight pins.


For starters you can begin by wrapping the hankies around the doll as big shawls, coats, or sarongs, using straight pins to hold them together. Have fun and don't forget to add costume jewelry to the mix.

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