Saturday, February 2, 2013

It All Starts Here.....

Welcome to Fashion Doll Stylist! Your fashion doll collection is about to get a little more interesting!

If you've found your way to this blog, you don't need me to tell you about the expense involved with doll collecting. Between the initial cost of purchasing the doll and the associated costs of dressing her, you can easily run yourself ragged trying to keep those 12" plastic divas in the height of fashion. This blog is for the frugal collector who wants to create sophisticated fashions for their dolls. We will look at how to get your creative juices flowing; how to choose fabric and create basic silhouettes; and where to look for inspiration.I have chosen the 11 1/2" fashion doll because she is more of a challenge and there are less quality clothes on the market for her. However, everything covered in this blog can easily be adapted for the taller, 16" fashion dolls.

There are countless blogs and websites all to dedicated to making clothes for Barbie. Trouble is, most of the clothing rarely goes beyond the juvenile styles one makes to satisfy the tastes the children in our lives: prom or princess frocks, sparkly party dresses, beachwear. I wanted something different. Something reflecting adult tastes like....suits, sheath dresses, fur coats, uncomplicated trends reflecting modern tastes.

After a long career in fashion as a design student, model, illustrator, journalist, educator and consultant, I began collecting dolls. My first doll was a Tonner doll. The clothes this company makes for her are wonderfully designed and constructed. I purchased two outfits for her, spending more on her wardrobe than I currently spend on mine.

Three years later, my "collection" began with Mattel's "Barbie Basics" Black Label Edition. Though I never cared for Barbie, I could not resist these fashion forward dolls. They have small heads, long, leggy fashion proportions, a variety of expressions and hold haughty, in-your-face poses with attitude. True fashion icons, they don't bend, they don't sit, they simply....strike a pose!!!! Their little black dresses were contemporary, uber chic and very well made particular in light of their $20 USD pricetag. I put them on my chest of drawers, adding a bit of jewelry as decoration at first.

As my collection began to increase, the presence of the dolls seem to scream for more. Hence, I had the idea to create clothing which more closely reflects a real modern day fashionista. I began to take pictures of the dolls but from the angle of photographing them as living, breathing models. For that I realized that everything, from the fabric to the garment silhouettes must respect their 11.5" proportions. I began to experiment with fabric, basic patterns, accessories and even the way I photograph the dolls.The entries on this blog are intended to help the collector get the most enjoyment out of their collection by showing them off in most glamorous light.


  1. I found your blog recently and read it all. The passion you put in all your posts is amazing. I love how you analyze clothes' construction, fashion, how you explain everything from a designer's point of view in an accessible way, easy to understand even by clueless people like me. Your talent is so inspiring. The style of your clothes and your photography is so professional. Thank you for this awesome blog!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This is so much fun for me. I'm glad you enjoy it.

  2. j'ai trouvé votre blog cet apres midi. il est 2 h 36 de la nuit... j'ai tout visualisé.

    Certaines de vos idées répondent a mes besoins. et ouvrent d'autres possibilités. de variantes et de modification supplementaires.

    je me suis abonnée a votre blog. je crois que je vais bien m'amuser. en m'inspirant de vos idées de base. et en tachant de les adapter a mes gouts. et a mes besoins.

    Si vous voulez, je vous montrerez, ce que je serais parvenue a faire.

    amicales pensées


    1. Bienvenue à mon blog, Laetitia. Je suis très contente qu'il corresponde à vos besoins. Ici, on aime la mode courante ainsi que les poupées de mode bien habillées! Revenez autant que vous voulez car il y a toujours la nouveauté, toujours d'idées. Vous pouvez poster vos photos sur notre page Facebook où on peux en avoir une bonne conversation. N'oubliez pas de les signer! Ravi de vous rencontrer!!!

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  4. I have just came across your blog and I know I am going to enjoy reading your posts.
    Thank you.


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