Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fringe Benefits

Shawls and ponchos add a good bit of drama to an outfit and yet, they are among the simplest fashion accessories to make.

For this poncho I've used chamois cloth. Cut a rectangle, measuring 14-1/2" wide by 7-1/4" long, though you can play with the proportions according to your desired effect.

Fold the fabric in quarters and cut down the center of one side, stopping at the midpoint. Make a perpendicular slit that extends 1/2" to each side of the midpoint. (The slit will be 1" long.) This will allow the shawl to fit around the doll's neck. For the fringe, I drew a faint line 2-1/2" away from both edges on the underside of the poncho.

When working with chamois, leather or faux leather, it is best to use a cutting knife and a metal ruler to cut the fringe to ensure it will be straight and fairly equal in width. If you are working with lighter materials, you can use scissors, however you should mark out the cutting lines.

I discovered, after the fact, that chamois sheds. So you will notice that I have cut a piece of silk using the same proportions (minus the fringe) of my poncho. Fold and stitch the rough edges under, then use a fabric glue to hold in place on the underside.

For my fringed shawl, I purchased a cheap scarf at the Dollar Store. I cut my desired size size and shape. The black fringe was already there, but looked a bit skimpy. So, I filled in the lower edge and added additional fringe to the sides using ordinary knitting yarn.

Use either a large needle threaded with the yarn; work it through the fabric, then cut to the desired length. Or cut small holes around the edge, poke the yarn through and knot.
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